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December 05, 2005

Irking the Highbrow -part 1 in an Xmas Advent series 

With special thanks to the good folks of Global University
A David Letterman Style Top 10 of Why Irking The Highbrow (ITH) is the Do Now of Branding the 21st Century's Humanity & Love of Life

10 As any professional marketer knows Irking the Highbrow is part of the turf of turning news headlines into a fashionable identity. Example if C-C (Coca-Cola's) ITH can make sweet fizzy water world famous by relaunching Santa's 1930s wardrobe in corporate red & white, then BB networkers can surely ITH Branding whether humanity survives this centtury joyously

9 In 1984, entrepreneurial revolutionaries and economists' 1 2 most accurately timelined future history story of 6 billion networked beings lives to 2024 predicted 2005-2010 would be the critical time to "Irk The Highbrow" -simultaneously Irk national Governments, Irk NGOs, Irk Charities, Irk media, Irk academic,s Irk profesionals who separate those hard separatist (inadvertently apartheid making) disciplines starting with accountants, economists, lawyers, and identity merchants but let our networked communications evolve global village forums that connect globalisation to be for everyone's progress not a digitally dividing world of ever more locally extreme richness and poverty

8 Win-win-winning for everyone's chnace to intercoonect productively doesn't make rich societies poorer except those very corrupt few that gained from speculation, war's manipulation of the social fabrics of life of democracy and kings, monopolising how the rules were written for their own vested interests -Orwell's Social controllers of value-slaving chains. If that's what 20th Century PR or strategic leadership compounded, then go beyond 20th C PR now.

7 Go beyond machine-age bossy hierarchy - that's not how almost all future value of service or knowledge worker economies compounds let alone how the grassroots of societies of the world come to love each other instead of terrorising each other

6 Make a list of 10 huge hierarchy failures of 2000-2005 (the Katrinas or Tsunamis or Quakes). Don't blame anyone's past leadership errors apart from the system that valued too big hierarchy too much just when distributed grassroots up networking waves were the defining potential of 21st C life. Have an armistice against 2005 boosy leadership Xmas 2005; from then on turn new laws onto people who use hierachy to pretend business casing of sustainability of human life is too complex; who hide behind sector externalities and Delaware Law's Myopic analysts.

Part 2 of this top 10 listing to come. But first an exercise for those who want to be in the first wave of mapmaking humanity - if you have one cause for humanity that you do care about worldiwsde beyond the locality your nation is, why not email me at Over the weekend the world's greatest serach resource was developed fopr anyone who wants to make poverty history for the billion p0orest: in search of water (and dear Tom systemically transparent excellence of a second loop sort most global consultants have mathematically failed) to reinvent economics so that all compounding exponentials are transparent as far as they spin any life-critical resource, and how citizens everywhere can have a great carninal for humanity by Irking the Highbow. The web starts at but because you need to have been part of co-creating it over 72 hours to know how best to search it on day 2 of its public release, we at Club of City * Village * Country will help try and do that if you will send me a cause we can translate into search catchphrase.
Habitatjam has just posted 70 actionable ideas to wave across the world's poorest places  
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