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November 27, 2005

The brand as buffer: Insidious Fix will emerge stronger 

If a is so connected to an active co-founder, can it weather the damage by the other co-founder when he faces ’ charges and is spending his days in prison?
    label ’s Jason Crawford is currently in jail on cannabis cultivation, and today’s news brought more gloom as One News reveals that he is now being investigated regarding stolen property.
   I’m not going to join in with any opinions about Mr Crawford, as I only met him once in 2001. I also think extremely negatively toward illegal drugs, but he’s innocent till proven guilty. I do know Insidious Fix makes good , and he and co-founder Kylee Davis make some of the most creative knitwear out there. He’s probably being targeted by the because he has a . It sells .
   ‘Fix’, as it is commonly called by the initiés, also put on the best show of the most recent . For every Jason Crawford, there must be dozens of others with drugs’ charges who don’t make the news. It’s good ol’ at play.
   But the inquiry for us is whether Insidious Fix can survive. Every indication is that it will. Ms Davis has been the party doing the interviews, commenting on design, and she seems to be the stronger driving force behind the company. Davis issued a statement about how one’s character is tested through difficulty. Crawford, meanwhile, distanced himself with a well publicized . , including myself as a fashion publisher (one of my many hats), have said that we are behind Davis and Fix.
   The brand will emerge untarnished for several reasons. It has a following. It has not really put a foot wrong in its business dealings. It is seen to be a promoter of . A sense of justice may see more people rally around the company, as there is not a single sign that profits were ever used at a personal level. The moves made by Crawford and Davis have been quick and sensible as the news broke and the troubles increased.
   Fix will expand as planned—I interviewed Davis some months ago—and hit its targets. If anything, this is one example where Fix’s profile will increase and Davis should reap the rewards.
   But what next? Should Fix engage in some form of additional programme? For once, I might have to say no. Davis is already herself with her dealings and anything other than “business as usual” would be regarded as a exercise, particularly by the followers of Insidious Fix, who see through them easily.
Postscript: it’s important to remember one fact, which I was unaware of through television news coverage. The building which housed the alleged drug-growing operation was not even leased by Insidious Fix. However, access could be made through a building that Fix leased. Until we get information from the police investigation, there’s no justification for the media to act as though Jason Crawford is guilty.  
Jason has not been in the news since the 25th, according to Google News. So what was all that mess about?  
Jason Crawford is a great, talented, cool guy. I wish him all the best and luck for his upcoming trials. Good luck bud.  
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