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November 23, 2005

Guiding each other on journeying beyond 

A little bit on what I am moving through, as someone who wants a globalisation for humanity, before we decide whether we can guide and code each other. Here are some open spaces and cafe circles thousands of friends in my teenage inbox and I move through

Change professions such as these blogs illustrate : change branding, change KM from machine-management of people's learning, change all professions' apartheids, change the law that interprets organisations as only being constituted for speculators to tamper with

City nets: what 200 Washington DC people want to change, what the most cooperative group of Londoners want to chnage across the 30 sub-coop networks they belong to, what Pakistan wants to change, where in the USA do the world's people cheer for, how does your club of city connect with sustaining a bigger footprint for all peoples to systemically work with nature through

where are country governments jamming for habitat, for beyond short-term national borders

where will foundations with the biggest philanthropy budgets jam 1; where are the biggest sustainability investment funds congregating

So I need help in translating a coding guide in the today's globalisation snapping game of who's who. It needs several dimensions:

1 country of most concerned application (not too difficult to code)

2 urgent transformation gravities. This is harder to develop a common language round. What do you want to edit so that my top 20 codes read more meaningfully for you to snap with

A)Transforming systems of Cleansing Energy Work with Nature's webs on Larger Footprint Subsystems: 1*Water
3*Nature’s global power
4*Cancer-free food chains
5*Grassroots interlocal health alert networks

B) Microfinance Investment Foci to Empower:
1*Women 1.1MB 1.2BG
2*Education (see also media C5)
3*Cross-cultural family sustainability; love & communion
4*End extreme poverties
5*Support circles against addictions & violence & dumbing down; beyond law as punishment to open learning 6*End protectionism against those most desperately needing future of fair trade sustained consistently
7*End Corruption at boundaries; collaboration knowledge city
8*Lifelong identity learning curves & co-mentoring; world difference empowerment
9*Social/community entrepreneurs
10*Walking the highest professional path of Hippocratic oathes with medicine or other life controlling knowhow

CValuation beyond professional separation; whole trust-flow ethics above finacial greed Subsystems:
1*Future sustaining life case of every global market sector
2*Beyond nation separated economics- see simpol, GRN. Beyond gov versus NGO
3*Open Leadership/Governance with Intangibles*Transparency*Compound Sustainability –Unseen Wealth mapped
4*Gravitational Simplicity: Collaborate over risk * compete over serving needs in value multiplying ways
5*Inspirationally Connecting all public media: broadcast, internet searching, carnivalising events, cultural mingling through participating in dance/music/art, open space café circles, habitajams …brands that link billions in progressive community

At judgement day, which in globalisation's immovable spinning case comes by 2010 according to economic forecasts since 1984, we are talking about how you value your identity and help nothers likewise. It is very difficult to stay on goodwill maps unless you can ask each other how 10 sources of productivities and demanding realtionships connect purposefully (brand). Once you do walk onto 10-win mapping, it is entirely possible to spend your life in a company or society that returns 100 fold to your investment over a generation but only because it multiplies value for all external neighbours and environments 1000 fold. It is the failue of economics and other startegy tools of leadership to include people cooperation in the way that competition is idolised that will cause globalsiation systemically to compound untold harm unless you stand up for the codes you believe in seeing happen through your life.

Happy Thanksgiving
Chris Macrae
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