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December 08, 2005

Branding 21st C Branding 

In the 1990s, one or more of the global accountants are known to have serially done digraceful things, shreeding their equivalent of the hippocratic oath. Of all the disgraceful things, the one that gets me as someone who has tried to serve the goodwill of branding all my career, is the way they destored marketing's vision with a PR camapign marketing at bthe crossroads. This was the worst kind of hatchet job coming up with ytheir own definition of what brand does (looking backwars and separating people being their definition) and then say ing by their meausre mareketers were doing a lousy job and should not meet in teh same room as CEOs)

Someone, we will call world class branders of chief brand officers or beyond branders has to come up with dreams of how the future's expoentials will compound and talk these until the company is cofident that one of tehse concepts is its biggest reality

let me move to a case; I hope you will see the connection; I guess people will ask if they don't see it

A big question (there are people on this list who I know could take this a practice level higher than this draft indicates; if you think you may be one, email be before Xmas because I am challenging a few sub-communities to see how their biggest ideas shape up):

Having seen and What jams application areas would like to see compounding in the next 5 years

To recast Moores’s Law I would like to see a jam on something where we could double the value of collaboration every 2 years for many years to come. The big question: is there any value dynamic you believe could be on that trajectory. I belie there are several, though they would need some passionately open investigative journalism to verify.

My guess where I feel I would look least foolish to start it (not necessarily a good criterion) is microfinance women. How could we lose with having a jam among women in areas where microfinance over the last decade clearly has made deep communal changes.

Note however, its not the electronic part of the jam but the whole world of microfinancing women getting together to get some sort of all time hall of fame nuances ion breakthrough that were achieved. Get some public sector broadcaster to make great stories out of these; so that in parallel to the jam , there’s a microfinance olympics. Once the world has seen what collaboration can double humanity’s valuation of every 2 years, perhaps the make poverty history movement will become more popular than the Olympics until we have worked out the 100 sub-competitions each of which is on its Moores curve of collaboration.

Regarding the jam of microfinance women, I would make the organising committee: 90% women; ones with clear track records of social entrepreneurial networks; with passions that flow across a rich an poor country; who have been involved in grassroots hubs or the journalistic transparency side of the world challenge competitions for ideas . (As a scot, I would get someone to phone up Tony Blair and suggest he and the BBC have a great role to play in this if they forgive each other and get on with their best capabilities for world service. A good end to 2005 which he had once wanted to be Africa’s humanity’s most exciting year yet)

(Look I am cheating, I have been telling stories that we can do this sort of thing for 21 years now. Trouble is I know we can do it (collaborate exponentially) but I need 100 of you to know we can do it. And to put a collaborative hat on before a competitive one. Because it’s the collaboration exponentials we haven’t yet mapped or played with the way Johny von Neuman and other mathematicians expected us. It’s always easier for an accountant to deny a future exponential’s upturn by counting up the past and so destroy the purpose that could have united (in this case uniting the worldwide may be at stake if our 1984 scenario is correct )

chris macrae,
Thank you for this vision, indeed it will take such a jam to eradicate poverty in our lifetimes. We promote the many successful investment funds specializing in microfinance at so micro-banks can learn to fish in far deeper waters than just small fry public funding. Thank you, David Satterthwiate,  
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