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January 24, 2006

seachtheresa and other questions valuetrue humility 

hmm-now let me see - where does humility mix in Revolution, Entrepreneurial and Brand Economcs Leadership- REBEL Billionnaires 1 2

Take 0 - at SearchTheresa village 5 of the world's first collaboration knowledge city - Londoners will move heaven and earth for folk of deep collaborative passion in human rights - I dont think nurturing a mission in life is humble so much as true love is humbling enough for everyone to reconsider what they are communalising starting from whomever is on top of everyone else

Take 1 - when I was in a WPP company one of the Central Organising projects I stood up for was: how do the great religions sustain word of mouth identity, belief , values, communal love, behavioural truths beyond fear or shyness of rank?. I didnt get an answer until much later when my 8 year old daughter took me to church. It was an usual sermon because this priest had just been reassigned to go teach the military ethics instead of Maryland's daughters. Evangelism (spreading the joy of the Lord and how to enact it) is a good thing on 2 provisos said our priest - you can first check out any conflicts you have as a person (that's the only value of confession rituals that I wholly buy into) and second check the communal systems you are in are not in conflict with the rest of the world.

Take 2 - I suspect that any stage whether a leading football team or a great film benefits from a double act- a director who may not be at all humble in inciting the passion and a producer who goes round making sure ssutainability of the people as one working for another enjoy the spotlight or the performance however hard the work.

Take 3 - I still regard Robert Woodruffe as the world's greatest brand champion though I dont know what a 21st C equivalent would be of these initiatives he pulled off for Coke 1900-1970 roughly
-entrepreneurially bought coke bottling for a cent because the owner though that coke's business would only work where it began - the high society of drugstores (America's 1890s equivalent of parisian cafes)
-made the coke bottle the smartest icon in town in time for the prohibition
-lobbied factory owners (even in the depressin) to give workers a coke break with the pause that refreshes; in hot southern states, coke literally was a health drink to under-nourished workers; was there leading consumer goods in the distribution within arms reach of desire as America built its higway system
-lobbied the war department that coke become the GI's macot during world war 2 - again with the pause that refreshes valuation rationale
-first brand? to sponsor a pop song: I'd like to teach the world to sing, in trying to reunite youth after the vietnam debacle

Give me an organisational system gravitating around passion and transparent human right; but you don't get those by being ad-led; so maybe that's why we need humility to redicover reality making and how every great innovation transforms value by taking a heck of a lot of sides through a conflict barriers at the same time as open space facilitators of London's global change village 3 will communally love to help you see.
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