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January 23, 2006

Beyonds Mission Impossible? - connecting brand and knowledge 

The world is quite simple -truly, once you can get beyond professional black box separations. The biggest gulf I have been networking openly- and borrowing encouragement from the dilaogue circles of Entrepreneurial Revolutionaries (est The Economist 1976) and other global villagers and co-bloggers of knowledge collaboration city - is connecting brand and knowledge. I have been spurred on in terms of mapping transparecny for the people's globalization ever since 5 years of mathematical abuse at Coopers & Lybrand in the early 1990s.

Like Queen Elizabeth's semi-decade broadcast for 2000-2005 - Is Humanity Turning on Itself - Connecting Brand and KM may appear in its smaller way to be a future history of ever greater
exponential failure and compound risk - although all the answers of how to connect brand and knowledge and other intangibles are now known and being written up by one of Britain's senior business and marketing journalists

Meanwhile here are some extracts from the error report of Knowledge Management being abusd so as not to liberate service economy or knowledge working or any co-creativity which we could be co-mentoring and making project differences on :

2000: Unseen Wealth (chaired by Brookings (economics) and Georgetown (law in society) declared by brand valuationverison 1.0 algorithms as useless to everyone but accountants filing their nooks because they separated brand from knowledge

2005- Anyone who maps the economics of exponentials transaprently around the world's vilages now knows that the future of the world - and the human race - if there is to be one after century 21 - depends on governing global sectors : collaboratively, transparently and sustainably (map the future's compound exponentials simply enough for all the world to hold communal debates to our open hearts contents)

The first test case of collaborating in humanity will be water worldwide as a human right.
Because clean water is the number 1 ingredient of life as well as health, and because water waves are coulpled with other environmental waves of nature's evolutionary power, which at a global level of species promtion and extinction will always be more determinant than what beings race to do.

For a year between 2002 and 2003 the European Union, through its KM portal encouraged a network of over 100 knowledge angles to open space. They did this paying their own way to dialogues in London, Berlin and Luxembourg. Though knowedleg economics were integrated into tese debates it was also agreed that a thriving community of not for profit cases and explorations into ways to narrow global divides was the way to ensure that knowledgeboard sustained the most open of professional dialogues. Over a thousand of man days were volunteered by this the knowledge angels network who were encouraged to tender for minimal funds needed so that thousands of knowledge angels could host meetings all round Europe in small cafes as well as larger open spaces. Then their proposal was not only turned down by Brussels but the area in the KB portal where they had been encouraged to co-edit news was prevented from starting new discussion threads.
So before knowledge angels (a name the EU coined for transparent and meta-professional networking in 2002) were destroyed by apparently frightened bureaucrats (or self-centred "piecemeal expert" academics lobbying) the European Union from 2003 on, we started some far reaching debates on sustaining water and life. We have transferred extracts of these here for posterity or as long as google's blogger permits us to propagate this do no evil wave.
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