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January 22, 2006

Marketing directors’ first 100 days: the report 

Cross-posted from Jack Yan: The Persuader Blog

First 100 Days, where my friend and colleague Tim Kitchin contributed, has released its report (by Oxford Strategic Marketing and Hunter–Miller). It’s about what do in their first 100 days on the job, and reveals dos and don’ts to aid their chances of longer-term success. There was a total sample of 75 (25 interviews, 50 further subjects in a second test) and the results draw parallels with ’s Good to Great research which I mentioned at Beyond Branding earlier this month.
   Collins’s , as detailed in the report:

• displayed “a compelling modesty, are self effacing and understated”;
• were “ambitious first and foremost for the company, not themselves”;
first got the right people in the business before figuring out where to drive it.

   Marketing directors have similar recipes for success. The report can be downloaded here. The First 100 Days blog is welcoming comments.
This sounds like a great open study. I am wondering whether it sheds light on what the Marketing Council got close to and then seemed to veer away from when it was founded circa 1994. The founding question of this industry association set up by leading British CEOs was always : how do we systemise participation in marketing to be organisation-wide? At the time I was building the first web on brand MELNET which was later closed down by Bradford and given a New Zealand transfusion at allaboutbranding, John Stubbs was opening up the Marketing Council's web. WE met at the IPA to try to uderstand what 1994 webs could do. In parallel, Paul Southgate bravely tried to get John to support a provisioanl wing of The Marketing Society -to ask big questions however controversial -forerunners of BB questions - but after lots of research that was spurned. Then came news from Cranfield (the Uni that seemed to get most researcher funds from the marketing Council) and others of the Cultural Web. This interviewed all sorts of people on their first 100 days in a company, and what other disciplines they encountered as helpful or every explaining what they did. Alarmingly marketing was voted by everyone else as the most absent discipline in connecting with newcomers. I will read your report with great excitement and come back with Questions suggest comments and links.

It was a narrow, but effective study.

We are now trying to build out a wider discussion around the unique 'fit' of different marketing capabilities for different contexts.  
It seems that Paul Southgate his migrated to sydney at

Why not wing him an email if you feel your survey is on a system-revolutionary trajectory passing on my regards from the days we pleayed in his provisional wing of the Marketing Council. We could have had a different globalization if the net had been used to lauch living and learning brand realities instead of billion dollar image-making over people

He was there ; John Stubbs was there; oddly another migrant to Oz Mark Uncles first Euro chair of branding (sponsored by Heinz) could have been there. Jack and you can make persuader links....
meanwhile I'm reverting to helping the deepest voice folk map learning curricula at
Melbourne happens to be the epicentre of the world's deepest meta-network for humanity  
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