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January 21, 2006

Branding Knowledge Work : 2000-2005 ER report #6 since 1976 

2000-2005 incident report sample:
  • 2000-2001 WPP contracts to open then closes it without a debrief

  • EU opens -promises by 2010 Europe maps of a transparently interlinking collaboration region of 25 countries providing an open flowing model to the world; destroys its open source linux meta-professional visioning and angel practyice networks by end of 2003; as Romano Prodi appears to (who translated the first ER report into Italian in 1970s) conclude on leaving in 2005, we haven't made progress on the ebusiness vision we promised with the bilions spent on KM

  • 2003-2004 Australians develop the world's most collaborative practice network yet seen worldwide - GRN. In 2003, it brings country observers from 50 countries to London - will you lovingly help all people and cultures simultaneously recognise recognise the collapsing world the British Empire's mistakes compounded over a century to prevent the English Language in the hands of superpower making the worst of all ethical global mistakes. In 2004, GRN moves to Delhi. One of the 3 co-hosts (the epicenre for Nomad rights) reminds us how thanks to the British Raj, 10% of people in India are born crimial simply because their lands are to infertile to own property but British power feared nomadic tribes. We are also reminded that whilst in Exile from Britain in S Africa, gandhi spent 15 years documenting how communities could truth-test knowledge from grassroots communities up. Probaly the most essential module of leadership training needed in future MBAs now that networks multiply systems that were previously separate in what goodwill or badwill they exponentially compound. Delhi 1 2 invites the world of Gandhi alumni to a 2007 centennial networkers event
  • 2005 - in what was forecatst by Future Historians as man's most riskiest year (which way would humanity turn)- clearly the human race is losing out. By Death of Distance's open sourcing 1984 barometer & ER's sustaining future scripts for hi-trust leadership debates the BBC (the only medium that a public had ever invested a hundred billion dollars in for world service goals) has been straitjacketed from helping launch project30000 and its ideal co-partner on the net google will be government interfered with next - this leaves the peoples to catalogue 30000 projects through microfinance movements and collaboration maps aimed at interconnecting Schumacher's 2 million global vilages in transparent value exhanges - a task on which the race's sustainability
    beyond century 21 is now much more precariously balanced if the world had enjoyed more transparency among leaders of nations. Will we unite in learn green is the next red white & blue in time 1 2 3 4 5 6 ??????
  • 2005 Peter Drucker dies. Peter had always stood for connecting learning and productivity curves from individuals and sustainable open societies up not big power down as might be expected from two youthful minds surveying the world from Moscow 1935, especially when one's father had the misfortune to be Christened Adolf. The Queen of the world's largest Kingdom's end of 2000-2005 broadcast report asks friends of goodwill everywhere you brand or knowledge may be connecting communally to debate one governance & globalisation system question before any others: is humanity turning on itself. Google as world's open knowledge medium is apparently next -and possibly humanity's last and greatest connecting resource across cultures - to be put in the line of unfriendly fire.

  • Here's some more of the details on the EU's tapering of trust in Human KM and open networks for mutltiplying goodwill -more at KM Europe

    Between 2000-2003 many people were led to believe that the European Union's was intended to be the most open experiment for Human Knowledge Management and Peoples Economics. It had been chmapioned as a critical open space need by Unseen Welath researchers whsoe year 2000 reports on the future were chaired out of Washington DC instituitions: Brookings Economics Institute and Georgetown Law School. Befitting the evolution of a service and network learning century untiting the globes localities: integrating how valu exchnagee subsystems compund purposeful contexts through transparency maps, which can be openly catalogued and explored below by indexing how the connectivities K1*K2*K3*K4*K5 flow and multiply future goodwill or badwill

    These people included a knowledge angels network of well over 100 people who were encouraged to pay their own way to meet in open spaces in London, Berlin and Luxembourg; to identify future curricula of KM which had not been understood well in 2000, and to work out alumni networks around each. All of this extraordinary experimentation was suddenly discouraged towards the end of 2003, leaving a community without the 100 action learners who had most connected it and deep lines of inquiry that each knowledge angel had shown their personal time and interest in exploring. Moreover a connected view of knowledge management had been encouraged by the EU who spent hundreds of millions of Euros on surrounding programs including :
    Knowledge Society - how to integrate the best of 25 countries open capabilities
    Need for Lifelong Learning
    Need for Corporate Responsibility
    and other programmes (please help us list what else was connected while millennial optimised in what the internetworking world could achieve for humanity's progress was at its peak)

    K1 how a free to join virtual community could connect professions in a networked age where the experience/learning curves and productivities of people to make a difference
    * integrating
    K2 group formats such as teams, practice communities and social networks, and such interdisciplinary content hubs as emotional intelligence
    * integrating
    K3 Gravitation of transparent organisational leadership governed as a purpose compounding system of productive & demanding relationships
    K4 integrating into the most valuable future exponential for its global market sector
    to serve people
    K5 harmonising sustainably with societies' investments and knowledge collaboration city, 2 million global villages and other constructs that recognise the need to connect:
    1) places of diversity being ultimately where all longest-term cultural, natural and human resource investment is sustained even whilst death of distance means that peoples mentors and work may connect many different places....
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