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January 22, 2006

HELLO- many funny things happen on the way to the forum of CSR 

part 1 of an occasional series

Jack or his ghost may one day return to tell you how we missed out on the greatest tourist event known to beyond-branders- we were invited to see if we could toss a cap onto the head of the statue of Mary Tyler Moore as one city's odd celebration of citizen celebrity gone fatuous- to do this required the 2 of us travelling half way round the world from different directions to where our ethical host -one who has campaigned longer in corporate america for transparency of big top leadership than anyone her age - suggested we celebrate. I hope -for both our stakes - we do one day.

Oh that CSR was as popular as CSI (americas number 1 show when set grissom and gruesome in Las Vegas how could you fail to be diminant in day after recall conversational chatter boxing-sadly too we forget 10% of what we don't talk about every season; its not quite true to say that a company that doesnt talks about ethics or its greatest sector vision for humanity's future will have forgotten all of it after ten quarters though Enron's actual valuation curve could have been plotted ten quarters before it became nothing as compounding 10% less worth per quarter and that would have been a better risk analysis model than anyone on Wall Street used then or now?

-as our economist and his 30 years of entretrepreneurial revolution networking friends had hoped in 1984 would happen by now

but then dad (and his friends) and I and Londoners were spoilt by the cultures of 2 innocently good media - the world's most open service media the BBC which Brits had invested a hundred billion dollars in so that the biggest ethical questions of leadership would be explored ahead of time - that way the reputational damage to the leader or their company chnages the way valuation of globalsiation is done

The Economist - the first global viewspaper; probably the only one to have returned its investors 100 times their stake over the generation it resturned 1000 times that value top cosieties; only because its 19th century founder believed in economics in society not economics of high power over society; indeed he declared that the paper would be closed when England repealed the corn laws and capital punishment; I suspect today he would say close down all economics once we've rid the world of the EU's agriculture policy and war as a means of advancing big economic power games over the frailest of communities. But better still, let's make a competition out of that. Had you been that founder of the organ of transparent worldwide leadership debates on what economics does to the globe, what would you nominate as the 2 goals after whose accomplishment The Economist should close


VALUATION THEORY OF 2 MILLION GLOBAL VILLAGES adopted from Gandhi, Schumacher, Trumpeter, Einstein and Von Neumann to name but 5 man beings...then? 1

charter version 0 - do co-edit or Q&A openly-final charter to be issued for Gandhi centenary alumni to re-edit in Delhi 2007

to be sustainable the global city (as multicultural epicentre as well as market exchanger of local to global trades) needs to include 5 village networks whose peoples love, faith and hope (if you are British but I am sure your country has a communal tri o that are just as morally good for branding our species common interests in life the way the eyes of a child would judge) is capable of collaborating with the world's poorest vilages rights not to be externalised off the face of the earth - village number 1 comes from transparently mapped authority - who is your city's or country's highest trust person in the perception of the world? what was the end of 2000-2005 number 1 questions to peoples? how are those who develop the frames around which the authirity's valaution is systematically practised connect through the home village where the authority can be most seen and celebrated by ordinary folk and youtful tourists of the world as well as the great and the good exists to provide Londoners iterative answers to questions of the gravitauional pattern illustrated and to enable any city that feels it wants to open up a similar weblog to open source it in the 5 minutes it takes you to click to and tell me and my 1000 most intimate co-mentors where you are - chris
I still got to that street corner in Minneapolis, Chris, but Marjorie had cancelled the meeting due to prior commitments.  
I am interested in 7 year learning curves partly because Bill Gates says more change compound over 7 than you expect whilst less chnage compounds over 3. Also the flow: as a parent of a 9 year old daughter who would like to see the wprld survive. And also the flow: In Marjorie's case, she spent 15 years - that global change squared spending more time than any journalist on Corporate Social Responsibility, founding the mag Business Ethics, writing The Divine Right of Capital - which is a fundamental treasure for all globalisation change networks that know their economic salt.

Then she says ok after Enron we learnt CSR is Fluff and many ad agents greenwash with it. I will dedicate my next 7 or 15 years to Economic Democracy. So perhaps the question we need to gently ask her is: what is the calendar of Economic Democracy? where does its map include some open spaces folk like us can come and play with or without the statue of Ms Mooore. Has she got a message of open space for readers of Lucire too?  
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