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January 20, 2006

When to branch off? 

On the 19th, I asked readers whether I should branch off into my own .
   I thank Hugh and John for their responses, and Kris for phoning me about it. You guys are quite positive about my doing a blog independently of Beyond Branding.
   I continue to hesitate, and it’s not because I don’t value your input. I wouldn’t have asked otherwise. But here are the reasons for staying here: (a) a high Google ranking for —I’d like my posts to be seen; (b) a sense of continuity; (c) each time one of us spins off into an independent blog, this one gets hit somewhat in terms of traffic; (d) John, Hugh and people like that have something valuable to say whereas if I had the luxury of my own blog, I could become a right tosser, ramble and go off-topic; (e) unless I could be sure that others would link to me and read it, then it would take a long time building up traffic.
   Just yesterday, someone at my bank referred to me in introduction as ‘Jack Yan from Beyond Branding’. This book, more than any other, is connected with me. It even has its own Blogshares entry. No one says ‘Jack Yan of Typography and Branding’.
   Here’s why I should do my own: (a) the many different voices here must mean some of us are coming in to read Chris, and others to read me, so I am the comic relief as far as his readers are concerned; (b) I’d like to promote my other books; (c) it might just enhance—which is hosted on the same server anyway; (d) I know that at least John and Hugh would probably link to me unless my posts go stark raving looney. And I know that only makes four points versus the earlier five, but the feedback from the 19th counts very heavily—I really value it.
   Maybe another is what I need. I have been —and in most cases repeating posts, whether that’s good blogiquette or not—at Kiwibranding, which was actually set up by Errol Saldanha of Canada. However, even there it’s “not me”. Or just cross-post between these but go off on my own little tangents at “my blog”.
   I’ll have to think on this some more, and see what need a ‘Jack Yan blog’ would meet for readers. In addition, is a personal blog the right for me? Johnnie seems to think so, and that counts for an awful lot.
PS.: At the time of writing, Blogshares is down, too. What is it with me and sites this week?  
Jack, this is an odd debate. Most value multiplies in connections as media and communications people practice. (0% of compound wealtb of the future as well as all human survival is in the connectivity

A "separate" blog is the wrong language for beyond branding, for transparency, for trust-flow, for sustainability of any community or belief you care about propagating. For example I co-edit 100 blogs but they are all connected, loosely as David Weinberger would say . And they are not only connected as blog but rreal places, live transformation agendas, investments in peoples lives. I look forward to seeing 99 Yan blogs and their connections through BB.

By all means let there be different segementations of the blogosphere. But look for example how - where the idea of the blog was also first annouced to clued communities around 1999 or 2000 - also ended up talking more and more to itself. There is not much value in a blog - apart from perhaps to its owner - unless it connects its open source reusable concepts - with every other neighbouring blog that needds help in innovating. Innovating what? : is always a question but have another look at since that gives relationship permissions to openly connect with 30000 projects humjanity is voting for somewhere.

Your idea of a loca press magazine that every country's yout can co-edit is extrardinarily valauble. That idea needs a blog so people can keep on exploring how they could help compound the future of youth's media participating locally up not globally dumbing down. But such a blog needs its learnings and systemic values waved around the world by connecting mediu; it does not want to talk to just the parties it has already converted. IF it did it would become old or as locally separated as they did over time.  
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