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January 28, 2006

Imagine all the people 

It may sound like hyperbole, but I agree with Jack that any phrase we bloggers can connect around in the genre of the "peoples globalization", the "peoples world", the "peoples politics", the "peoples economics" can help us collaborate in humanity's last call. In fact, in mapping 200 networks that vow to collaborate for humanity : almost everyone has adopted one of these labels:
the peoples world intends to go where Google won't eg in China; te epoples photosynthesis intends to put clean energy back where it should be for this century as measured by this economist's 1984 script

across dozens more verifiable exponential scripts of what future ups or downs will compound: the peoples economics continues the 30 year crisis investigation my family has been helping people question (see more on exponentials below),

the peoples politics at lets anyone discuss what we as 6 billion people will never harmonise if our only political rulers are hell bent on their own 4 year terms and those within superpowered national boundaries (no much of good when networks are already the number 1 system and denying this make a Bin Laden in the mountains of Afghnaistan technically a more expert player than all the thousand most powerful leaders in Washington DC or any city you choose to name)...

however I disagree with statements like that of Jan 27's post: "in the 1990s we were all optimistic"; anyone who has spent a little while developing a systemic -wholes before parts questioning view of what networks will do over the last 25 years has known that they are the ultimate transport and communications revolution, one waving so fast that they make the industrial revolution look like a ripple; anyone who has dippen into the history on our race has seen that revolutions do not gurrantee an optimistic outcome, they put us at a crisis poing that may exponentially uptilt or downtilt. We are literally engaged in a bet that NOW involves the WHOLE of 6 billion peoples because networks are marrying all the systems that the 20th C kept separate - to the extent that only a small percentage of people are aware of this emerging crisis - of quarter of a century's brewing - is the extent to which the media -particularly public media like the BBC has failed to serve the world not because journalists have lots the wish to question but because the Blairband thinks its owns the right to dictate the BBC. Tony this is treason to the hundreds of billions of pounds all British people have invested- of whom you are only one have invested in this world service. Please admit your error and let the BBC be free to cover peoples stories from every view not some maddening one dimensional lens of left and right.

it is this generation -like it not me & you - in fact the next 5 years of me and you (give or take a blip) that is undertaking mankind's final examination as Buckmister Fuller branded it over 25 years ago. If we fail this does not mean that 2012 is the last year, but it does mean that the 21st Century is the last one to sustain billions of beings. This is the only certainty I ever want to persuade you off taking some time out to know where you are at. Everything else is a question that comes down to practice and governing 1 2 system revolution - will we use networks to openly collaborate, or blacken more and more superpowering apartheids; big brothers with the wrong professional advisers pied pipering away trust and societal sustainability at ever longitude and latitude. Please just do anything, but don't do nothing as the tsunami of globalization waves all of us as one humankind, standing or falling together

THE CRISIS TODAY'S GENERATION WAVES Since 1984 anyone who has interacted with our stories 1 2 3 has come to know why globalisation of networks will turn humanity in a wave of unprecedented revolutionary consequences. Which of 2 ways -empowering or destroying trust and society - is the 64 trillion dollar question? The opportunity for all 6 billion people to influence the exponential out comes remains open for a few more years.

OPEN SOURCE : THE GOODWILL INITIATIVE Exponentials & the Peoples Economics welcome you to our open source initiative. Our goodwill collaboration is concerned with mapping trust-flow and transparency of governance and valuing sustainability of people’s lifetime work and investments. You can join 2 levels of initiative
  • 1 The organisational system empowers or destroys productive & demanding human relationships. WHICH future is surrounding the organisation that matters most to you?
  • 2 The global market sector empowers or destroys productive & demanding societal relationships at every locality. It does this by multiplying together organisational systems in networks of the empowering or destroying type. WHICH future is surrounding global market sectors with most impact on communities you live in?
  • To join email putting 007 in the subject line and telling us of a context you want help in mapping first, or join in editing global village weblogs below.
    30 PRENEURIAL YEARS OF CHANGING TRANSPARENCY OF ECONOMICS -Freedom of access to being productive; happiness demands communal sustainability World Class Business Network (WCBN) emerged from readership circles (and context-specific collaboration cafés) arising out of the following works over the last 30 years
  • 1976 Entrepreneurial Revolution, Norman Macrae , The Economist 1976
  • 1984 The 2024 Report – a future history of networking’s death of distance timeline whether globalization empowers or destroys social and human relationships, by Norman and Chris Macrae published in 5 languages
  • 1991-2004 A trilogy of books valuing purpose, branding, learning systems and leadership purpose co-authored by Chris Macrae
  • The Biography of John von Neumann by Norman Macrae Our vision of transparently connecting together 2 million global villages waves through the meta-disciplinary practices of the most open leaders, mathematicians, system mappers, conflict resolution facilitators, preneurs, community networkers and future history journalists.
  • There are many ways you can help correspond cross-culturally and around practical missions – see how we all co-edit timeless weblog examples at project30000 or Club of Village, City, Country.
    Yours aye, Chris & Norman Macrae
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