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December 09, 2005

These are the gravities -and their future exponentials for humanity - which we are most concerned to map transparently for all who want to network through trust, time and best for world purposes

Community or transparent media entrepreneurs: For 21 years our friends have debating 2005-2010 as the most revolutionary time when 6 billion beings systemise whether being networked globally and locally will work for better or for worse. We're interested in hearing of anyone's number for better concern so we can map any hi-trust project or cafe or space links to that gravitational challenge around them and vice versa they can practically co-mentor others.

Global Innovation & Conflict Mapping Entrepreneurs: We see 2005-2010 as the summit of changing economics - this tracks back to all my father's future history surveys at The Economist including which nations are on the up from 1962 Japan onwards, to which entrepreneurial revolutions do all peoples need to celebrate from 1976, to what does death of distance's time from 1984-2024 look like

DoD Entrepreneurs: How do we open source both a Global University of Poverty and from age 8 up a whole view of world systems way of connecting - how do we learn enough about water so every community has a clean right to it or power or peace or innovating by giving everyone conversation space to move through gravitational conflicts

Society or Social Entrepreneurs: How we love each others' places, how do we free public media to discuss long term scoops for humanity rather than daily sounbites of bad news, how we sustain people's longest learning curves including reuniting all main religions in their number 1 do no evil rule of relationship reciprocity

Sustainability Entrepreneurs: How do we (1 2 3 4 5 6) tell enough stories over the next 5 years so that the world's 1000 largest organisations or networks listen. Short-term shareholder needs are not your main investor nor your main purpose: societies including pensioners to be and families are, customers who believed you were innovating for humanity are, employees who wanted to focus a lifelong experience curve on making a difference are. In the knowledge worker age of Peter Drucker and Preneurial revolutionary ages of my father, the number 1 investment being made is the peoples' lifetimes not capital into lifeless machines. What do over the next 5 years will spin systemically into all the worst or all the best stories science fiction has ever rehearsed with us.

All we ask is you and all your communities know which choice you are making because systems compound consequences that our valuation maps of the future show become harder and harder to turn round if even one globally vicious mistake at the top waves all round the world. We need everyone linking into such debates as HabitatJam; and then connecting through interactive media like google and world's largest public broadcaster like the BBC or India's DD

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