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September 22, 2003

Collapsing World's First 100 Human Rights Communities 

Imagine a Human Rights movement that attracts over 100 affiliated communities from all round earth each year...where 50 speakers from 25 countries gave up their summer weekend to share different communal viewpoints and ideas on how to start reconciliation processes...which is multiplying projects, encouraging caring participation, almost monthly including this month the start of an inter city youth movement...and you could start to see what an inspirational idea Paul Kosmaroff, of Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is inviting all the world's people to join - for the sake of human solidarity. A movement that goes beyond nations, recognising their identities have become part of the problem when globalisation has at the same time measured everything in a way that only makes the greedy greedier, and the starving or other desperate peoples ever more hopeless.



  • Mary Robinson, Ethical Globalisation Initiative, Former President of Ireland

  • Dr Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace laureate & E. Timorese Foreign Minister
  • The Reverend Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus & Nobel Peace Laureate
  • Sir William Deane, Former Governor-General of Australia
  • Professor Bernard Lown, Harvard Medical School & Nobel Peace Laureate: "... the United States that had an image of really a free country, empowering the individual and being fair-minded and concerned for the underdog - this country has changed. And the world for the first time understands that.

    Many things in history accumulate like boiling water - you boil it and boil it and nothing happens, and then suddenly the steam pours forth. I believe we are coming to a steaming phase. When that happens, things will transpire much more rapidly. But when it will happen, how it will happen, I do not know. But I do know that we must be engaged to make it happen. For if we are not we are delinquent - morally delinquent - as human beings."

  • Dr Lowitja Donohughe, Professiorial Fellow, Finders University, Australia

... and tell me if you have questions regarding a conflict you'd like to see anyone starting to reconcile with deep empathy in the humanity of our diversity; I can't promise a solution but I can try to link you to some locals who are making that their life's mission to support.

In a world where many are losing hope that a billion Muslims in the East and the unlistening superpower of the USA will lead anywhere other than the terror of local destruction everywhere, we need a meta-network like collapsing world, and the open trustworthiness that perhaps only an ethics professor out of Australia can weave so many diverse and deeply caring perspectives around.

1984: The future history of globalisation & networks from The Economist: Â?By 2005 Gap in income & expectations of rich & poor nations recognised as manÂ?s most dangerous problemÂ?

1984? System expert Buckminster Fuller: TechnologyÂ?s pervasive connectivity will be mankindÂ?s final examination

2002, Survive Risk Conference, Sir John Banham, Whitbread: Global Corporate leaders must collaborate round each industryÂ?s greatest risk/responsibility

2002, Divine Right of Capital Author & Economic Democracy Movement leader, Marjory Kelly: EnronÂ?s high ranking in CSR league tables show CSR1.0 was not systemic & often costly image-making

2002,Complex systems theory applied to Development author Samir Rihani: 50 years of linear & top-down plans for aid has only put least developed countries in greatest debt
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