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September 21, 2003

Collapsing World -postcard1 

There's a double irony, when the one sustainable continent - Australia - hosts a conference in London on how the conflicts between peoples of our human race are spinning in ways that soon will be unresolvable. As the Aboriginal leader who started the conference sharing the stage with Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland) stated: I thought long and hard as to whether I really wanted to travel to London , the mother of all Imperialism, and begetter of most of the geographic conflicts between peoples.

To their extraordinary credit, Monash University of Melbourne, sponsored in part by the state of Victoria and backed by its youth movements, assembled 100 experts in conflict reconciliation and community understanding representing every nearly major conflict area of the globe. Collapsing World is a network drawing support with over 300 networks interested in reconciliation and human rights such as Unesco, Amnesty International and many of grassroot depth. The reason we spent our weekend in deep dialogues: it is time human beings stood up in solidarity and demanded common sense. It is tragic that our largest governments and corporates now seem to be systemised to forget the common bonds of humanity. Sometimes in their vain rationalisation of monetisation , sometimes in over zealous identification of cultural differences/histories which only leads to careless compounding of local conflicts between neighbouring races, spun further by globalisation's divides in which the rich are blind to reality of the human struggle to co-exist wherever they systematically enslave the poor on opposite sides of the world.

Future postcards will tell the stories of Collapsing World, starting with a professor in Nuclear Physics from Pakistan who explained how both the extremeties of Islam and the West are as inhumane as each other in the needless conflicts they are compounding, and then clarified the different demands all humanity must make of each side if our world is to get beyond their current escalating waves of terrorism. Have no doubt, as the more powerful, and the more educated, America has become the world's number 1 terrorist nation
driven not so much by a democratic government but the interests of Global corporates whose Delaware passports of incorporation are one greedy and litigous local state's licence to abuse global humanity. The Delaware sponsored global corporate terrorist behaves as unethically as its sponsor - the rampaging speculators whose pursuit of greed beggars the rest of our earth and our people's. You need to know who has suspended the core values of The Declaration of Independence (humankind's freedom and happiness not to be imprisoned by any organsiational system or creed) on the altar of short-term greed. Will America's people stand up and cure their cancer within which will otherwise destabilise the world until trust is a forgotten word between communities of people?

If these sound like issues that concern you -or which you simply want to question - drop me a mail at as to what reconciliation between 2 nations or races you are most interested in debating, and I will try and link you with the most contextually experienced alumni of Collapsing World.

Thank you Monash University; thank you the people of Melbourne; thank you the state of Victoria for sponsoring probably the greatest humanitarian conference London has witnessed, since the death of Bertrand Russell.

PS It will take me some time to work out exactly how each community overlaps but if you see one you particularly want to understand collapsingworld's mutuality withy, ask me and I will find out:

Ethical Globalisation Institute headed by Mary Robinson (ex President Ireland)
Monash University
Medecins sans Frontieres
International Humanists & Ethical Union
South Place Ethical Society
The Myer Foundation
Australia Bioethics Association
Nuffield Trust
United Nations High Commission for Human Rights
La Trobe University
Royal Australian College of Physicians
British Humanist Association
International Physicains against Nuclear War
University of Westminster, Center for the Study of Democracy
Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Pschiatrists

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