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December 10, 2005

Did Google melt us down? 

You will find most of the blogspot links to co-edited blogs I have made in recent time no longer exist since about 24 hour ago. Let's hope its a bug. Ironically these include case studies on the 3 brands that compounded or wer compounding 100 times value to shareholders because they compounded 1000 times to societies - one of which was a blog on what will google do!

I guess if anyone has ideas on how to restore my wee bit of co-creation world they will contact me at

Here's the general description of what seems to have gone missing- Mountain View we have a problem!

It seems that yesterday google wiped about a year's work in the family of 100 blogs Clubofcity, clubofcountry, clubofvillage -many that had scaled the top of the 20 million search Collaboration Knowledge City that I had been co-editing where local people raised their biggest questions and we try to match links around the world where communities were debating practice projects. Even our bio blogs on trustmicrofinance valuegandhi, trustdrucker
A bit more of the story has been reconstructed at and in this blog some emergency reconstruction texts are here.

If anyone has suggestions on what I should do my personal email is
Chris, this post may shed some light on things. It seems some of these blogging companies are deleting legitimate blogs unilaterally.  
It sheds some rays in confirming that for the first time in my knowledge -since this is abuse of freedom of web speech - google is shredding its do no evil promise

However, what happened to me was not the unilateral ending of individual blogs but all my blogs (except those someone else had started -in other words had it been the case that I had set up the Beyond Branding blog it would now have been wiped)

Oddly my blogs do not link spam to other websites as per the excuse given in the clues referred to. They were heavily linked to other blogspots, and my main family of blogs had even been commended (in a minor way) by the charitable arm of google. So....?  
If Richard at The English Guy could have his blogs reinstated, I suggest contacting Google and going through a similar process. I think Blogger must operate on a “squeakiest wheel gets the oil” premise, given what I know of these deletions.
   Also, Richard did not link-spam—he merely had a lot of outward links. I sense that Google is finding these and making a judgement based on the quantity, not the quality, of links, without human intervention.  
hmm- my experience is that google has its own conversational rhythms

I did immediately notify google using the reference number where they had previously praised my blogs and those of our co-editors around the world for the wee bit bit of humanitarian progress they were making

So far I have the computer telling me it cannot reply to all mail but if its humans will, they will in their own good time. It may soon be time to throw google out of the premier league of sustaianability investment if they are becoming just another organisation full of silos

Incidentally, if you are able to alter this blog's settings, could you go to the format and permit last 20 postings instead of 5; I have a feeling December is going to be a busy month for beyond correspondence  
The problem with 20 posts is the depth of the page, which would deter visitors, sadly, based on my experience.  
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