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November 18, 2005
Hail to the internet connections - my & DoD's favourite ever Christmas present

My main network of me multiplies my inbox and at our collaboration knowledge cafe city (eg 1) networks' real meetings- we come together to open one specific invitational challenge

Another network of me is this experimental blog format. I find it a useful exercise in recall but perhaps that's because my grey cells are 50 now

Another tool is linkedin -see cross-sectional sample below (Nov 05). In general I get fatigued by not knowing whether an internet tool will freely exist tomorrow so please don't tell me about any fancier technology tools. email co-mentoring will probably see me through what I am capable of. I entirely agree younger people will do a lot better but not by believing technology will ever be a substitute for focusing your action learning relentlessly, and loving to see transparently sketched maps for contextually & communally exploring how productive and demanding relationships gravitate around valuetrue purpose and through trustflow.

Chris’s connections at
Bob KnowlesChairman at Omni Worldview Ltd. London
John Bunzldirector at International Simultaneous Policy Organisation. London
Harrison OwenManagement Consulting Consultant and Contractor. DC Region
Traci FentonOwner, WorldBlu, Inc. DC
Ian RyderVice-President,Brand & Communications at Unisys, London
Verna AlleeKnowledge and Value Network Consulting USA
Robert De SouzaHumanitarian Entrepreneur, Visionary, Catalyst , Collaborator & Evolutionary Strategist. London * Goa.
Nancy WhiteFounder, Full Circle Associates - online and offline communications strategies in a connected world. USA
Andy SwarbrickCommunication Network Specialist. London
Livio HughesDirector and co-founder, Headshift Ltd. London
Phil DwyerOwner, c-infinity research Inc. Canada
steve brantBusiness Futurist, Founder and Principal: Trimtab Management Systems. Pennsylvania

Bill JensenPresident, The Jensen Group, Simplicity, New Jersey
Arturs PugaHead, CEO at Forward Studies. Riga
Patricia WolfResearcher and Consultant at Fraunhofer IAO -now Switzerland
Paul HearnProject Officer at European Commission.Brussels
Robert de QuelenDeputy Managing Director at EON, INc, the Stakeholder Relations Firm. Philippines
Suleman LodhiManagement Consultant and Professional.Pakistan
Mazafer IqbalManagement Consultant and Interim Change Manager.London-Pakistan.
Sunil MalhotraCo-Founder Ideafarms, Industrial design strategist and breakthrough thinker in globalisation.Delhi
Mark Ranford
Managing Director, Stratagility Management Consultants , Jakarta
Jack YanCEO, Jack Yan & Associates; Publisher, Lucire, New Zealand
Art KleinerEditor in Chief, strategy+business • Author, Who Really Matters and Age of Heretics USA

Danese CooperOpen Source Diva at Intel. Before that Sun & Apple with interludes at Symantec and Microsoft.USA
Heath RowEditorial and Community Director at Fast Company USA
See all…

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