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November 16, 2005

Death of Badwill Media 

If goodwill is to win the war over badwill networks, then the death of badwill media cannot come too soon. With the Wall Street journal apparently suggesting today that print has had its last hurrah in the battle with internet media, it is time to take stock of the badwill media we need to get rid of.

Level 1 - my 8 year old child does not need Hillary Duff posters selling her milk at school. Nobody needs media that nags on their vulnerabilities, that dumbs down, distracts attention. PRs lies, that makes a life of image-posing addictive instead of spending your life's difference reality-making with communities you love truly

Level 2 - nobody needs media that catches attention with bad news, drowning out good news and brave questioning until nobody has any good news content to chatter with (day after recall is what people talk about the next day, only very sick sc=ocieties would programme people to talk about bad news). Nobody needs media sponsors that seek to compound profits from what people least know, especially risks that are not sustainable for our species' future generations.

Level 3 - nobody other than ad agents and five (now 4) global accounting firms needed brand valuation rigged in the late 1980s so that the more costly you made your service with big ad budgets the more the global brand's valuation went up. This was badwill enough but it became a trick that accountants then separated every human relationship flow by so that knowledge was no longer about the flows of active elarning and trust, but how much hi-tech machines you replaced people with. The full story of the mathematical mistake that currently governs the world so that boardrooms no longer understand 90% of all future value exchanges (needed and produced) by and for human beings is now ready for goodwill media to play with. Why not join in open sourcing by and with bloggers - here.

Perhaps we could ask Americans to start new rehearsals of old patriotic values on Thursday week - to celebrate the first GLOBALthanksGIVING, now that however loud Blair and Murdoch shout Bush will never seen majority approval ratings for badwill moves again. Promise to leave well alone the Brits 30 billion investment in BBC (worth 1000 times that if it gets it world service journalists for humanity out with the stars) and our fantasy-wealth league players will even sing how GRRRREAT you are Tony.
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