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November 15, 2005

A.D. Will the globe and business survive 

I must start this post by saying that After Drucker, I am very angry, with myself. I've given talks on the disaster of global brand valuation, the destruction of entrepreneurial systems and of trust-flows among knowledge workers, and of why economics for big power is not economics that will sustain peoples's diverse cultures at Harvard and at Dartmouth and at Georgetown but I never got to Claremont -probably the only place where MBA's learn to observe rather than to do dead parrot like analysis.

Going somewhere that people of spirit struggle through adversity as Drucker put it, changes your perspective (assuming your eyes are not blinded) way beyond any spreadsheet ever can, even if you are trained as a mathematician with First Class Honours and a postgraduate statistian. Like when I spent my week before Xmas 2004 in Delhi. This sure changes depth of context of any social ecologist as Drucker finally called himself. So far example, for a year I have been on a misison to connect all Gandhi alumni aboroad so enough of them join Delhi's 2007 centenary celebration, hosted by a few high up government ministers as well as India's deepest social workers, such as the civil servant who has been trying to restore Bhopal for 20 years- valueless corporations that Dow and Union Carbide are.

Rant Over

So let's put anger aside because it is the global system that makes top people dumb 95% of the time, and ask :who are you? Are you Druckerian in the way you value knowledge working life or not? Co-editors are asking these questions across 50 cities; we will synthesise main conceptial ideas on how to openly network Drucker's hi-trust force for ever and a day at and this egroup

Here are a few concepts, which will be repriotised as our members vote

GBAD - Good Business After Drucker
What are the ways that the world's societies can keep Drucker's hi-trust spirit flying11/11 2005?

1 Tell us where you spot places like China that has an Association for practising his principles -cf parallel Gandhi practice alumni hunt

2 Ask journalists for humanity to do their bit in selecting global business leaders who would pass a Drucker's transparency system driver's test - who else 1 can we ask. Encourage university of stars, particularly wherever your decisions as customers or reality viewers 1 creates heroines

3 Run a cafe in your city among professionals or deep voices concerned with the compound future of an industry's sector's sustainability of society -what Druckerian views connect your cafe with clubofcity netizens around the world

4 Challenge economists until their maps come out in the open for everyone to use and question both global future purpose and community-up investment

5 Don't hire any professional before seeing what hippocratic oath they believe their sector sustains

6 What carnival leaflet to distribute celebrating multiculral ecology and why sustainability investors in business need healthy society/community as much as society need good businessThese are only concept ideas for maintaining Drucker's social entrepreneurial revolution - we will change the priority listing according to what nomination Druckerians like you mail us -

chris macrae @ THErebelECONOMIST & EconomicsTimes & aSIN
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