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November 18, 2005

Global Revolution - media's biggest brand ever launched 

Here's where you can help seed it

Its birth is about what to do in a world where 90% of what people think and do has, by a mathematical accident, been misled. As you read the story, it may occur to you that the world is in quite a jam. One that will end the sustainability of life (probably not before you are dead) but before the century finishes. Your mission impossible, should you choose to accept it, is tell us what you bcan co-edit until the global revolution that has already happened is harmonbied by the organsiations people choose to consume from and produce, as well as the infornation they require transparent leaders to govern with now that the networked world has chnaged every community's valuation. The revolution needs to map the connections not the separation of such deep local chnage happening simultaneous everywhere and so to every being as well as through nature's other powers than humans bowling the globe alone.

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World Class Branding Networks

PS A Longer View for those who feel the summary teased their intellects.

World News

Houston, people everywhere have a problem
When the world changes its connections through every local community but the most powerful people do not see this because their top views average out communal diversity, then their systems of governance and investment decision-making risks compounding the worst of times everywhere, instead of the 21st C as the best time for human being.

Unseen Wealth Research
Up to 90% of the value which people’s productivities and demands most needs to compound communal futures with is no longer governed by those who make the biggest decisions. They don’t have the whole systemic information –or open governing structures - to value the best that peoples can serve or network.

How can we see the whole picture of the world revolution happened over the last 30 years? Why not try out some Value Exercises that can link to critical understanding of Global & Local Disaster Management:

1 Make a list of what did not exist 30 years ago: internet, personal computers, mobile phones – in fact few organisations could share much information worldwide by any means other than paper or telex.
2 Describe in your own words what the change from industrial economy to service economy means:
The major value determinants are no longer in what machines mass produce but how people serve people. This also involves connecting 2 types of knowledge : that which is 100% factual which can be replicated anywhere by computer, and that which is at least 1% nuanced by context which needs to be shored by people, what Drucker called knowledge workers collaborating. This also involves 3 types of network connecting multipliers (win-win-wins): how people network person*person*person capabilities; how organisations network organisation*organisation*organisation; how markets network local*global*local
3 Ask which professions have NOT openly and systemically changed the way they advise top people in the light of the world changes you have listed:
Accountants have not- they still book investment that are in machines but not as people; they still regard precision as about separation not connection

For rather similar reasons, economics, strategy, policy-making have not transformed themselves the way the world’s value multiplication has. Almost every major disasters , and the increasing prevalence of disaster and wars in recent years, can be mapped in terms of valuation or information gaps caused by top people not knowing how the changed world maps. In particular, not auditing potential conflicts ahead of time at deeply contextual and communal levels which the multipliers we have introduced above require

Beyond Disaster Exercising, Is there some truly good news?
Yes if all 6 billion people can quickly forgive each other for being ruled by the wrong maths, then we can depersonalise all the errors made by top people whether of left or right opposition. Why not get on with mapping how the new world can sustain a larger footprint through loving connections between people that celebrate service and diversity rather than pretending that cultural depth and networking capabilities doesn’t exist just because they do no suit the way old separated professions preferred to spreadsheet numbers.

Did we and our media all truly make a globalisation mistake?
WE suggest the answer is not only yes but future history systemisers predicted that this mistake would be made and that the years 2005-2010 would be those when all people chose whether to stand up for serving each other in a way that sustains a larger footprint, or due to lack of confidence in how we can all lead in connecting how to serve each other delay too long whilst nature and man-made terrors spin out of control.

Exercise who do you see as having raised the biggest questions about humankind sustaining the world’s people in time:
Before 1960 entries may include:
George Orwell, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Johny von Neumann
1960-1980s entries may include:
Peter Drucker, Norman Macrae, The Deming & Buckminster Fuller School of Systems Mappers currently circling around Russell Ackoff

1990s/2000 Entries on include:
Ray Anderson, The Canadian School of Journalism and Law, Sir John Banham, Sustainability Investment Fund Champions including Al Gore and which we seek to open catalogue at aSIN, Net Generation researchers such as Don Tapscott, Value Exchange theorists such as Verna Allee. Many of the collaborative network coordinators for humanity being openly catalogued and reviewed by worldwide participants at gravity200 and through such observation blogspots as ClubofCity.

PLEASE help us make these lists much more diverse and comprehensive. They only happen to be examples which if you had the time we could guide you round in very detailed level. We all need to help co-mentor each other around transparent clue leaders who have seen how the world’s system has changed. In voting for this who’s who, only suggested rule is that nominees should be open to how their knowhow systemically connects with others named. The number 1 patter rule of linking every community’s system globally is that we need approaches that integrate each other – being harmonious at their mutual interfaces – not methods that make their own business case entirely separately.

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