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January 18, 2006

An update on personal branding and weblogs 

As followers of my wave within beyond branding will know I have a big interest in personal brand architecture but quite different from the one that I first read Tom Peters to talk about in FastCompany. Quite close in spirit to the personal identity book of Beyond Branders and Medinge hosts Thomas Gad and Anette Rosencreutz though I have no idea if they would execute blogs timelessly and wit the goal of co-mentoring that learning network future histories that I have been dialoguing with for 22 years would recommend you explore.

Here then is a first preamble on my favourite ever style of collaboration blog. Its a different timelessly different segmentation from that which is the market leader of blogosphere, and no timeless blog has any action learning value on its own without systemically interfacing withy others in its family. For example if our club of city family seeks to map the world trade exchanges that intercitizens can develop around humanity then clearly no one city is a trading island without other cities who love its cultural interactions. Please don't email me if you are trying to suggest I mend my ways back to the blogsphere's mass market segment. However if you do want personal brands to connect with reforming global brand's badwill exponentials or other transparent changes towards the peoples economics that entrepreneurial revolutionaries have been experimenting with for 30 years since my Dad's survey in The Economist (including such radical challenges as million person webs to Coca-Cola and other global brands that nologo ideas need to marry into, or believe that public broadcast media like the BBC (a 100 billion investment made by all British people in world service coollaboration) can connect every value multiplying comunications exchnage of the future in markets that a billion a year ad spots never will, then feel free to email me at to ask more about the blog whose intro is noted here:

To understand what I am most interested in enacting next we need to explore what half-formed connections I have with other people and networks and see if there is one that you want to help me and you fully interconnect. If you see a glimpse of a view that interests you - why not mail me at; cut and paste what interests you so we can make a fast start at interconnecting. Our * My meta-views of mapping globally * locally A B C D (after 22 years of debating future histories of a networked world capable of tranmsparently sustaining 2 million the productive drives and diversity demands of global villages) on 12 grade practice of email is to help each other find our best mentors through life as outlined here.

100 not out

Dad- Norman Macrae 1 2 3 4 5 6

Colin Morley 1 2 3

1 XXX -as yet unknown composite of many people I am exploring links as numbered with

Months of personal crisis:
• July05, London
• Sept05 New Orleans
  • Oct05 Pakistan Quake
  • Nov05 Peter Drucker dies

    *100 My Dad & Senior Economist of Networks & Preneurial Systems 100 Paul Komesaroff GRN A - 1: what a practical network opening for humanity; & Paul's Conference Coordinator Cleo Fleming for GRN05 Sarajevo Reconciliation & Global Human Rights, & GRN03 London Collapsing World
    99 Modjtaba Sadria - Multiculture adviser to GRN: 99 Alan Mitchell -our book 5 years in labour 99 Ian Ryder - constant inspirations that one day global corporate identities could again be worth everyone's while knowing intimately 97 Mark Goyder Tomorrows Global Company -could save economics 1
    99 Rick Nelson - Photosynthesis could save humanity & make billionaires - 1 2
    98 Robert Knowles A, Theresa A
    98 Doug Mac 97 Traci Fenton A, 97 Maz Iqbal - Every reconciliation project team, needs your mentoring 97 *Janet 97 Ganesh - we love your campaigns for Nomads & joint invitation to Delhi's Centenary of GANDHI Grassroots up practices in 2007 97 Harrison- Love Open Space, Conflict Resolution, Innovation, Transformation Networks you have connected thousands activelt to over last quarter century-thanks for openly multiplying all our learning curves *
    96 * Franklin
    95 Piero Formica
    *91 Nancy White - Online for all beings 1
    90 Lilly Evans - Conscience mentor & Elders G8 : wicked idea!
    89 Verna - Love the holon mapping of value exchange & networking economics; wish we were working next door neighbours on a transformation project
    88 Steve your access to systems training is awesome- thanks for Ackoff's paper
    80 Jack in NZ 80 Irina - I must do more for your project 80 *John Bunzl - Wow the people's politics is simpol *80 Amanda - how can I help you get the new mediators network to thrive in transparent hi-trust work for employees & purposeful organisations 70 Thomas & Anette- Sweden's most extraordinary global forum hosts and change economics of intangibles/leadership pioneers
    • 30 Andy -wow what power games social network maps contain- how do we make them transparent for all; 30 Peter Hutton- Surveying the boundaries to the knowable - eg sustainability 30 Art - what articles you edit on quantum theory of trust and corporation's inner circles 30 Olaf - deeply concerned for improving humanity's lot in Brazil 30 * Anders 1,,2 25 Peter Lewis -Great Leadership Mentoring course you assembled 21 *Nikolai 20 Hom, Juhi, Neil 19 Lynda 19 Robert Thorp 18 Jennifer Trust Research Australia 18 Jon Symes
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