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January 17, 2006

Comment Ca Va? - from day 2 of around the world's cutures in 80 days 

On Day 2 , we are visiting Canada. A country with more cross-cultural clues for any cluetrain of a networking world that any I know of (tell me if you have another contender nation and we'll script it into the 80days!)...Because? well, Canada had to marry Frnech & English; Kindgom & Liberte (Elizabeth asks which way is globalsiation turning humanity in the goodwill/badwill wars)

Canada is at the tip of N & W Hemispheres in many ways; this makes world trade and death of distance wholly different consciousnesses of our networking age for Canadians- and as readers may know one of the connecftions that binds BB advisers is that Canada's Naomi Klein is mire right about the reality of gloabl branding crises than all the ad agencies of Mad Ave or Farm Street

So it seemed appropriate to bebin with
Comment Ca Va?

Comment Ca Va?"
("How is it Going?")
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard

Co-directed by Anne-Marie Mieville, Jean-Luc Godard's work--combining video and film--is a fascinating dialectic on the dissemination and processing of information, both literary and visual. Two workers of a communist newspaper strike out to make a film and video about the newspaper and the printing plant. One of the workers, Odette (Mieville), has strange ideas about content and form and how the film should be made. Comment ca va? is a formally brilliant work about the transmission of ideas by the major media. French with English subtitles.
76 minutes.

On Day 1 we started in the Southern Hemisphere at
About 70% of you is made of water, so we say cheers to Brazil as the country with the largest systemic schools curriculum on water and 7000 local dialogue franchises for 2004 as the Catholic Church's Year of Water. Then there is very much at the heart of searchTheresa women's gifts to the world -one of the most inspired catalysts of and itself co-funded by 200 investors at, an execution of the million person web family of concepts that cluetrainer David Weinberger, Jack Yan and I encouraged people to realise that they as the most active customers for the humanity of any global brand can use to be the lead should the company's leadership team be governing intangibles the wrong way round- see how traffic lights help you grade corp governace that is multiply the value of global market sectors exponentially downwards
> tell me if you have another contender nation
> and we'll script it into the 80days!

Switzerland is pretty crazy in this respect... German, French and Italian with the corresponding cultures and attitudes! (And Rumantsch)  
Thanks - for me and us at , that's a very intersting post because it reminds me of something though I would not want to specifically call it Switerland's intentional modus operandi

Some of the 20th century's world's faster developing economies have been island or city states which have systemically been -and exponentially gained - as the connection between 2 or more nations' parts. They have framed their laws so the rich of those surrounding nations "or races" can find a haven -economically there are both goodwill ( connections is the huge multipier of 21st C) and badwill examples of this, which of course also reflect personal cultures and value judgements. I dont suggest mine are right but we at communally hanker for vilage havens & safe open spaces where we could all put in our 2 cents worth knowing that all views would be published cheek by jowl. What 21st C parliaments might one day actualise as deep democratic inter-networking. ie a Globalzation designed to integrate goodwilled peoples of all localities so that we can go beyond nations and untie the mankind's slavery to geographic chains -22 years and debating at

I would say that Hong Kong has primarily been a goodwill example - who else has ever mediated the Brits, the Chinese and the whole region both with a lot of peace and a lot of prosperity. Conversely there are clearly micr-nation states that launder money or in some way destroy the intent of the taxation systems of the nations they buffer. (Of cousre I am not saying that those taxation syates are good for their peoples as opposed to the rules of short-term politicians- For that long-term globalisation debate which is way beyond my politicial skils you might connect with the politics sans frontiere network at  
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