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December 15, 2005

ad calendar day 2 - question to London 

Whilst Simon Anholt and myself are BB's 2 longest running case students on branding of nations, I don't believe we have looked at the constitutional consequences before

clearly the UK sustains its position as the world's largest economic Kingdom (well queendom these days since the queen and her mother and Di have led the way) -so what can we learn from the world’s most successful kingdom about freedom of journalists, marketing and economics?

well until recently what we could be sure of was that being a kingdom, we londoners & brits were never ruled by big business, and that goverment was therefore also loyal to the people; our jourmalists were freer, particularly in 2 world leading media: the BBC world's largest public broadcaster and The Economist, whose leading story as an original global medium returning 100 times its shareholder investment in a generation is told here

all this could mean that investigative journalists in London sustain transparency more than in many cities, especially about future revolutionary issues of management or global crisis: and keep the space open for big question debates of most public interest so the people's conversations the day after focused on reality-making topics not mere advertising imagery and celebrity gossip

we all might expect these sorts of agendas to be the big conversations of Londoners 1995-2005:

Changing communications, and what makes people distant, bossy, etc
Changing national politics
Changing economics
Changing employment

- which would then explain why brand marketers in Britain (eg Branson) would want to compound the best their sector could do for the world, and a people's economics of global markets would be developed in Britain

It might lead to issuing these 2 world challenges for humanity's recovery of fast downturing exponentials as do-able with other club of cities support by 2010

MEGA GOALS by 2010

  • turnround globalisation's poverty-making - 30000 replicable grassroots projects
  • End auditing's mathematical mistake - 80% of world's 1000 largest organisations governing trust-flow so that 80% of wealth is seen instead of currently unseen

    Further briefing for jourmalists: A report (titled Unseen Wealth) issued by economists and scholars of law in 2000, confessed that due to a mathematical mistake , the larger the organisation the less likely it is to be governing what impacts it is compounding for humanity. Since then our expert futures circles (including entrepreneurs since 1976 and network experts since 1984) have been working hard on the jigsaw pieces of this problem – its maths, its maps, and its stories - as you can see from browsing 1 2 3 4

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