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December 12, 2005

Branding the upcurves during the season of goodwill 

Upcurves (also know as economics future expoentials) are all about compounding goodwill for all

At EXPONENTIAL VALUATION, we're making a list of upcurves (and downcurves) a thousand deeply purposeful people have told me about during my first 12 years on the net. We are also integrating those economic circles that can help - eg 30 year long cataloguers of entrepreneurial revolution, 21 year long cataloguers of death of distance's actionable consequences for humanity, 18 years of mathematical development aimed at simplifying maps of Unseen Wealth which began for me when I first mistrusted emerging brand valuation algorithms in the late 1980s...

Here is a partial listing of sector gravities we are cross-examining - if you spot one that you are interested in exploring relentlesly, do get in touch at so we can share links. My purpose is not about owning the spaces where the debates happen but mapping where they are being pioneered and linkingin wherever people's needs are urgent and so most valuable

Please help us choose sector debates you and communities around you want to inquire about and map connections with other people who share the same urgent exploration for action. A thousand people, each with a deeply chosen gravitaional purpose, whom I have connected to over my first 12 years of internet life are making a start and linkingin around the listing below.

I will try and bring links over to this blog but iof you see a topic you need to be guided to most urgently, amil me chris macrae at

Multiplying Value Peoples Want – Where are the upcurves?

Downcurve Debates

  • Healthcare – increasing costs
  • Children – increased family strain, lost safety of community
  • Professionals- loss of Hippocratic oath, ever more bureaucratic
  • Water – Clean water is getting scarcer
  • Transport – getting slower
  • National Government – Increasingly powering over instead of facilitating what people need next
  • Mass media – dumbing down, loss of social space and transparent debates
  • Food chain – cost of good for you food going up
  • Nations Cultures- love of each other’s diversity going down
  • Pensions (investment in sustainable growth) – going down
  • Adult confidence in making a difference with lifelong learning potentials – seems to be going down
  • Insurance – cost going up, learnings across biggest tragedies seem increasingly blocked
  • Underclass – compounding underclass- their loss of hope in life and mutual risks to all of us in a hi-connected world
  • NGOs/Charity – Global*Local infrastructure further removed from depth of grassroots needs in crisis or sustainability turnround challenges
  • Transparency – ever poorer system * system understanding and openness of inquiry between leaders of separate systems; increased siloisation just when networking value multiplies other way round

    Queries Debates
  • Clean energy?
  • Technology – while power going up , has collaborative or inspirational use ever been as great as getting to moon in 60s?
  • Socially concerned networking hubs by 20-35 year olds?Open source active learning relationships geared round specific issues of greatest human need

    Upcurve Debates
  • India
  • China
  • Specific micro-nations – eg Singapore
  • Microfinance
  • Potential peoples uses of internet
Good summary of down-curves, Chris—a lot of pressing issues that much of humankind can solve but our institutions choose not to, sadly.  
Funnily enough last time I had dinner with my dad, who's knowledge of history since 1935 is pretty encyclopaedic because between 1950 and nearly 1990, he inteviewed many of its institutional leaders for The Economist, I asked: so what's an example of a national government that was good at facilitating what its people wanted to evolve as opposed to commanding over people. Easy he said: I know of none except immediately after world war 2 where in defeat Japan and Germany's new govs worked hard for their peoples bets future interests

From the tsunami on, I have been wondering whether more and more people linked around the world get it. Whatever matters most to the future of the human race, it will be down to we (all peoples) to connect and network it - don't stand waiting for government, and is my dress-sense image looking cute FEMA's. Back in 1984, we predicted that 2005-2010 would be the most critical years for all people to network up from the grassroots, or forever after lose the goodwill wars. That's why pesky things like exponentials need mapping and debating, and ordinary blogger's freedoms NOT to be melted down must be truly valued if google is to exist in 2010  
Every nation, including the Soviet Union and Red China, had a flurry of positive activity soon after their found­ing. It is fleeting. I have some faith—actually consider­able faith—in the rise of India and its ability to hold its hundreds of cultures together through nation branding, and through not a little under­standing of its histor­ical rich­ness. Its notions of karma, certainly, would have kept us in good stead post-tsunami, but we seem to keep looking to the same methods for disas­ters, where coun­tries pledge millions and deliver only a few cents of each dollar.  
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