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November 07, 2005

This week I will be attending to our open blog on ValueRisk. Don't go there if you are afraid of raising big questions. The one most pertient to this blog: if you know of anyone in the branding word who is working on globally systemic maps of risk, please say who

Let's examine the view that the 21st C needs wholly different risk analysis.


13 years ago I met what may have been the last business school leader to systemically understand risk - delighted to be emailed with bookmarks if you feel such people are still permitted to head business schools
He used to say Chris: the number 1 dynamic of human relations
systems is degradation- even the most perfectly productive system is tensely calibrated so that it will tear relationships apart unless leaders are stewarding its context with great love and openness. I worked as a senior visting fellow at his bussiness school for 4 years. Unfortunately, when I applied for the first professorship of branding, awarded at his school, thye syllabus of connecting globalsiation risk and communications identity was too much for fellow academics. And as our head of business school was in his sixties, he was suffering from increasing internal politics. Perhaps if he had been ten years younger, we would have opn sourced a globalsiation risk syllabus by now. Instead today, the first thing this blog can do is commemorate every global disaster by trying to learn systemic clues from it. The least we can do for people who have perished is to map how to prevent repeat disasters of exactly the same environmental meltdown


I have been concerned about systems since 1984 when my father and I co-authored a book on
Death of Distance. How globalisation*localisation of networks is a system*system revolution of a scale and simultaneous shockwave to econoimes*societies never previously experienced by our human race. Given how few people have even tried to map risks of one human system's trust-flows transparently, it is not clear that any of our 6 billion beings will survive the 21st C due to system*system risks. It is clear by 2024, we will know whether we will; one way to know is to see what quality of disaster learning has been distributed transparently to all cooordinates of the globe by then. In our book, we also timelined 2005-2010 as the most critical years in starting to see what a revolutionary new syllabus of risk needs to be valued as well as taught at every age group and up from every community's culture and greatest need.


You should never ever let any big decision maker loose, unless you want them to blow up risks, unless they have been trained in systems and
exponentials. We now have crises not only at separated geographies of democracy but at democracy squared, cubed and higher order levels of global*local survival of freedoms and happiness (access to productive and demanding relationship systems transparently spinning true purpose and collaborating sufficiently with other transparent systems in trade that evolves economics of abundance instead of 20th century externalities and economics of scarcity). Unfortunately in electing people to public office or to power over any of the world's largest corporations, we do not yet test whether these leaders lack of systemic understanding and transparent care may be their and our greatest risk. I have no idea how we change this other than trying to spread learnings about disasters in a way that does not blame anyone- we invite everyone to learn what nobody has wholly understood before. Why business schools have failed to pioneer this most valuable curriculum is an issue that sustainability investment circles are earnestly posing -please help us survey where these circles are forming

If you have any fast track questions or concerns about what you have just read, please mail me at - include valuetrue in subject line. Thanks! Chris Macrae

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