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November 06, 2005

How networks square their invitation power 

Three years ago when I met Harrison Owen in Washington DC- I became obscenely interested in his view on invitation processes. If you are getting people to spend their real time joining you from all corners of the earth to develop a network's future- make sure they come because of the same invitation, the biggest challenge they all want to resolve. This is innovation and communication's greatest competence at least in the future where networks are far more valuable than organisations that beleive they can ring fence their sector's responsibility to all societies. So today I make no apologies for asking anyone who feels involved with beyond branding to customise this invitation which comes from another network I love as the new born baby it is. By all means edit The DC invitation; we'll display alternatives here.
But if you feel involved with BB, take some time, and start issuing an invitation to the network you feel most connected with in a way that can also interconnect BB and DC. Or ask me questions at - include valuetrue in subect line as a way of penetrating spam

Examples of The DC Invitation to Networks of Knowledge Workers or Democratic change movements for 21st C humanity

Dear Linkedin Friend

I am writing to linkedin friends to see if this invitation resonates with each of us. If it does, what network or contextual change movement around you might be most interested in seeing how to connect with the Washington Invitation

chris macrae DC phone number 301 881 1655

The Washington DC Invitation: Democracy for Knowledge Worker Architecture

A week ago, 200 of us spent 4 days learning this multidisciplinary view on the future economy of organisations. We’d love to network with other cities or with groups who are interested in co-agenting how their systemic approach –be it related to human skills development, communications infrastructure, measurement of risk of sustainable value etc - to organisational architecture interfaces with suitable other approaches. (Most organisations that could benefit from transformation cannot sustain change with just one expert approach)

There are 3 types of maturing of organisations, each needs to be supported by a different cluster of systemic methods to compound the greatest wealth productivities of knowledge workers and context.

1 Organisations that are already great places for knowledge workers and which are loved by the societies they most impact

2 Organisations whose leaders do not yet know how much more profits they could compound over time by designing hi-trust relationships between knowledge workers but could be convinced if guided to suitable benchmarking cases and introduced to the missing cluster of systemic approaches need to transform their organisation’s productive and demanding relationships and purposeful exponential

3 Organisations whose leaders are not interested in sustaining future profitability or attracting great people over time because of speculative or other issues which make the short-term most important to them.

When it comes to type 3 organisations, Bill Taylor editor of Fast Company explained they have usually stopped working with customers on the most vital future meaning to society of their sector. David Weinberger talked of decision-makers paralysed by fear driven by artificially narrowing a sector’s risk responsibilities or professional silos, instead of organisation-wide love of sustaining open purpose and knowing that the most valuable innovation over time flows through transparent conflict resolution. With all the disasters we have seen across the globe, communities and their public media are going to need to stand up and question (eg Weinberger’s Million Person Webs

Humanity’s challenges in the next 5 years of globalisation are bigger than any one city-located network can resolve. That’s why we invite your correspondence on how the network you value most could interface with ours.
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