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November 03, 2005

Is it worth trading with Red China? 

While pursues a free-trade deal with Red , and not countries like the United States with which we supposedly share our values, it’s worth bearing in mind what New Zealanders might face: by Red Chinese authorities as part of a deal. It’s in The New York Times and quoted in part at Mr Peter Begley’s Business Ethics & Social Enterprise blog.
   Some may say these are isolated incidents, but a “country” whose diplomats are quite prepared to hurl insults, has an absymal ’ record, and has figures that I have always doubted just might not be worth the risk.
   Still, the incidents recorded by the Times are hardly gruesome: some children are kidnapped so that their organs can be harvested.
   Will we endorse the importation or purchase of some Red Chinese goods without checking the companies’ background? Or even if a background exists? It is up to consumers as much as corporations to signal that we do not want to deal with companies that lack —and that can compel Red Chinese firms to get their act together. It’s our choice.
I think blasting china for whatever it does is a good way to be assimilated into the "upper class". Otherwise your yellow skin will forever ban you out. I know couple of chinese doing that. Whenever they attack China, they found themselves suddenly surrounded by sympathy and get "adopted" by the whites, and they like the feeliing! So they just get addicted to it: the harsh they can be on china, the better they can appear in front of the "upper class".....
And it is totally natural! cause human being needs the feeling of being liked and approved!  
Since you are “anonymous”, unwilling to put your name to your case, and do not know me, it’s also fair to say that your assumptions are completely wrong, and it’s humorous (well, actually, sad—for you) to see how very far off the mark you are.
   When someone puts himself out there with one’s real identity, and then gets blasted by the likes of you, who can’t put up a reasoned argument, then it proves my point further. The Red Chinese strategy, of course, is to abuse in order to hide. Anyone who has no rationale will do this. Well done, you have used the Politburo’s playbook well. People with reasoning don’t need to get personal. They debate. You, on the other hand, don’t debate, but mount a personal attack that is so erroneous that it hasn’t even touched me emotionally.
   Let’s look at your points, assuming you have any while attacking someone’s character. It may be helpful for our other readers, anyway.
   First up, I don’t blast China. I blast the Politburo in Beijing for economic mismanagement. I believe in a one-China policy, but one that tends toward the idea of a free Chinese nation. My yellow skin is the source of my pride, thank you very much, and my lineage is longer than most of the white royal houses’. Probably longer than yours, too, because if I may make one assumption, you seem like the sort of 1949 sympathizer who was ordered to write that by Beijing against a member of the former “ruling class”. Well, you do what you have to survive. I feel sorry for you.
   My skin and my lineage have not disadvantaged me in the circles I am in, but it sure sounds like you write from a position of shame, shame, shame, where you feel that Chinese like me look down at my own reflection. Wrong.
   I don’t associate with Chinese who are not proud, or have forgotten their traditions. Or any person of any race who lacks pride, for that matter. Your message alone suggests you have very little knowledge of your traditions of deontology, and I have to force myself to write in the sort of language that people like you understand.
   So wake up, “Anonymous”! For I don’t operate in your presumptive, abusive manner. No real Chinese does. I retain my language and all my companies are run in a Chinese way—clean, uncorrupt, and Confucianist, not dirty, insulting and prejudiced.
   If the people around me don’t get Confucianism or indulge themselves in chemicals as “medicine”, then I will see an opportunity to share my knowledge. If you haven’t noticed, New Zealand has a liberal government and there is no “upper class”. In fact, I do myself a disservice with the political establishment here.    And now you’ve discovered that there are people who can debate.
   I don’t need to kiss anyone’s hind end because my success speaks for itself.
   I don’t need any class to read this blog because I am provoking exactly the sort of response I wanted. Thank you for proving my point.
   And there is nothing stopping you from writing about what the Red Chinese do right as a counter-balance to my post. They don’t get everything wrong. Why didn’t you champion them? Unless, of course, you find it more second-nature to get personal rather than find things to support your political viewpoints. Sad. Very sad.
   We could have compared notes on this blog for the benefit of all and you could have had your day in the limelight. But no.
   If anything, you have poorly served your own viewpoints by not backing them up.
   Or maybe you have not been around people who prefer to stand for justice and think negatively of others. If you are sticking up for a bunch of peasants running the Politburo and pretending they have class, then I am not surprised. That is fine. I’m just trying to shake you out of your sheer and blatant ignorance, now not only of what is happening in Red China, but of who I am, and what I “need”.
   Ah, how wrong ignorance can put some of this blog’s readers. “Anonymous” proves my point about the sort of “freedom” the Chinese really live under—so what would you rather have, readers? Freedom to criticize, or an agenda where personal attacks are de rigueur?
   Long live Chinese freedom. Long live Chinese pride. May it eventually shine from the mainland. I hope you are around to experience it and to discover your own inner pride.  
Two days on, and just as I expected: the first comment was from an anonymous writer with no guts to back up his comments. Or a concession that he was wrong. And one who seems illiterate, too: posting many hours after my little piece on the Princess of Wales that alone weakens his attack.
   I don’t know whether to laugh or cry: to laugh at how distant from reality he was, or to cry at the very sad state of affairs within the Reds’ zone. Which is the sign of assimilation: my independent thoughts and sense of self-pride, or his brainwashing by the Reds that his own kind is inferior?
   This might make a very interesting blog post. We shall see.  
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