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October 31, 2005

Introduction to a long series of posts 

Last week's inaugural in Washington DC for 21st C Organisational Democracy was profoundly moving. I will try and collect some postcards from people who were there. Since my family's learning curve for 80 years now involves global media, economics and the network maps and maths of systems of productive and demanding relationships compounding round true or false purpose, I have decided to start 2 new blogs
  • valuechange- anyone who wants to co-edit it should at least want to explore the script in the post below.
  • for anyone whio wants to help catalogue which are the world's transparent networks for evoving humanity at every locality; you can help by editing a network's participatory events, sending in member's reviews of how the netowrk achieved or failed to achieve the most from your time, etc

    In DC, I met one of my world heroines of systemic conflict resolution -Myrna Lewis whose Deep Democracy construct emerged out of trying to evolve S Africa- at levels ranging from intervening in what was once its most dictatorial corporation to helping children in communities where most have been orphaned by HIV. DD is the number 1 idea I recall from debating with Naomi Klein how could marketers transform global branding if they loved people enough to do so.

    So Two hundred of us in DC also invented some amazing views on the future of marketing, and as my time permits these will be spread up and down the various networks of World Class Branding (est 1990) including Beyond-Branding and Medinge & Chief Brand Officers Association

    I learnt from the number 1 discipline attracting academic research in celebrating diversity and hard work in the Bahamas, coordinated by a most generous being called Roosevelt, that if we could replace global ad agencies with carnival agencies, then the chance for everyone to participate in celebrating great communal meaning and innovating hi-trust corporate purpose would become global*local again. Fortunately, I mix with a circle concerned with sustaining the greatest entrepreneurial investment of the next decade. None of them want advertising launches. All want events that people can franchise into local celebrations. Watch this space for true carnivalisation of community-up values worldwide.

    We (90% American though our participants were including 3 officers form the US Navy, editor of fast company, director of Canadian school of globalisation documentaries, CEO of a General Electric plant, former corporate university inaugurator of SW Airlines, student networks that unite 100 countries in the original European Union purpose in ways that Brussels long since forgot to sprout...) learnt that unfortunately for the USA , among developed countries, it has the most to learn about how deep cultures need to collide in deep democracy if they are to innovate higher order understanding that harmonies the greatest perspective that every culture can bring/network rather than the most miserable or fearsome. Knowledge work goes nowhere unless people are self-confident, and that needs transparent maps that truly govern the 90% of Unseen Wealth of our future, currently lost by 20th C economics, accounting and any other apartheid profession of separate measurement instead of systemically sustaining ones.

    If or when 50 people have contacted me at to register for a deep democracy event to change global marketing, I will get our 2 great hosts of valuing democracy Organisational*Deep to design the 3-day event. The charge depends on how conflicting with our purpose you wish to be. So if you are head of a global ad agency on one of the biggest 1000 brands, expect the 3-day ticket to cost 10000 dollars USA or whatever is the most you pay for 3-day conference; if you are the person is doing most to carnivalise the end of HIV spreading expect a free pass. Also please say which of these 4 cities you would be prepared to come to - Delhi, Melbourne, London, DC. In each city I know enough people to frame a slightly different carnival. In small groups we collaborate in doing this regularly, so we are reasonably well rehearsed, we know the world's most systemically open conflict resolution methods, we have researched what people and societies want global brands to unite for 3 decades, we know the economics of a networked world can be transparently map to win-win-win instead of going below zero-sum scarcity. So don't delay if you want to explore and then champion transparent progress for humanity. Know that since 1984, we have predicted that the typology of globalisation that is spinning in 2010 is the typology the rest of the 21st C will live with. Come take the fear out of such a huge innovation opportunity, come spread love of greatest connecting purpose beyond just numbers mathematically designed to separate us all and mimic machines lifeless dynamics. This is not a future I want my 9 year old daughter chained to - how about you and yours?
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