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December 26, 2004

One Year On 

What's your bets that one year on, all of us and all our organisations will be doing anything different because of Tsunami learning? And what's the mass media role in this? Does it cover the moment of fear for a week and then move on to covering the next fear-casting incident. Out of London and Britain, we will be watching the BBC in particular for something completely different...

Tsunami Breaking news
  • Recapping on only positives we can see so far: 1)The people of the world have woken up and are asking big politicians, big CEOs - what are you doing, and is this a warning that the world is falling apart in other ways; 2)there is an outside chance that this crisis will bring the warring sides in Sri Lanka together;3) there is just a possibility that vicious world trade policies as they impacted livelihoods of fishermen & other Tsunami sectors will be redrawn : A, B; 4) tell us if you get a sniff of anything optimistic stirring
  • 15 Jan05-open construction plea to 5000 members of the European Union knowledgeboard

  • 13 Jan 05 Adite's great idea- I'd like to teach the world to swim with perfect Tsunami - related links: 30000 projects & Million People Webs

  • Next Intercity Open Space: London: 21 January05 at Friends House (opposite Euston Station)
    Global Gravitational Identities League Table (updated 15 Jan)
    #1 Tsunami
    #2 World's largest retailer & The Governor of Shrimp

    #3 Ask American air carriers never to waste money on ad budgets again
    #4 Global pharma's addiction to ads may cost life of one of its players
    #5 Dow Chemical- the world's biggest loser of Bhopal

    Good News in Life of Brand
    Richard Branson's 3/4 million donation to women's causes and Sara B of SPANX

    LondonWorld Congress votes
  • SIMPOL most open humanitarian connecting network of year -related link: one-page debrief on the forgotten planet of half a billion women.

  • This coop- Most Inspiring NGO - sustains 200000 rural villagers in India by uniting all creeds and providing microfinance to the women of the family
  • ... For example why not devote one main news program monthly (and a parallel website for including all inspirational stories of heroic work being modestly done- the mother Thereses of the Tsunami aftermath) in perpetuity to what is being learnt and reconstructed from Tsunami or from all other global disaster incidents. That would be real future news (and world service) trustworthy of the British public, who have shown so far more leadership common sense than media or government (one week on)

    Let's hope that other networks like the Church of England will be monitoring the BBC too? The question to ask the BBC is : does your output compound faith, hope and love or the very opposite? On that answer your licence fee and public life depends in our opinion.

    come co-blog more at any of DisasterGate & future of bbc & Journalists for Humanity & university of stars
    & 100 intercity blogs.
    I am trying to fight the cynicism, but...  
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