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January 29, 2004

valuation of intangibles for everyone 

Why valuation transparency has become the concern of every human being

If we leave it to 20th C business as usual all performance will get measured in financial transactions, even though their own books show that these measures have nothing to do (and compound conflict with) human relationship values. Although there are more technical ways to describe the 3 biggest intangible compasses that large organisations are currently not valuing : ask yourself about THE MAP's 3T's: What’s your Time worth? What is communal Trust worth wherever you share something vital with people; and what is Transparent safety at the borders between places or races or organisational responsibilities. Regarding the latter issue, we now know that most of the greatest accidents in human history were not the sole cause of one person or one organisation but where little by little safety/care eroded either by falling through the cracks that some borders stretch when people are measured separately or the hostilities that occur when 2 neighbours find no common ground to collaborate on and so rhetoric spins until they compete to the death.

This brings us to a critical issue : all the numbers 20th C managers used to control things buy their image of precision by separating things. They assume there is no interaction between these separate units or no compound impacts over time. Yet the major innovation our world is coming to terms with in networking technology puts a new premium on connectivity. We will never implement anything that has to do with networking without a second type of governance that audits connectivity with every bit as much attention as people are currently made measurable for separate performances. And there are a lot of things your children will need to master in learning virtually as well as doing for real. We need open agnencies to support them in their ways ahead, not to slam closed doors (or raise a toll) in their face at every networking junction.

There are many ways to play with the language of what human beings value growing apart from the token of money; do email us if you would like to try to co-edit the language to a context that matters to you. As one example, here is the start of a dialogue we are co-editing with the European Union network of excellence on knowledge management. Actually anyone interested can join the conversation here

One follow-up from earlier posting on CBS.: you take the 3T's lens to heart , you will never look at a big media business without questioning what its doing for your time, trust and eg nation brand?
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