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November 16, 2003

Organisations no longer able to do what they were designed to do 

Here's part of an ongoing conversation geing networked amongst milions of open space alumni see,
and this previews my talk premiering at the European Union on Thursday.

When I read this thread's title sentence in Harrison Owen's book, I jumped for joy. As a human system's mathematician I had never seen a famous person dare say this before. It's truth is fundamental to every disaster and every lost social policy strategy- most especially system of system disasters such as all world peace contexts which are usually compounded not just by 2 or more nation's governments but all the global corporates vulturing over their past or future (think on Iraq). As other parts of Harrison Owen's treatise shows : high conflict areas are those where huge human value can be quickly won or lost. It is time this secret was out and word of netted wherever humanitarians chat.

Unless I hear any objections, this is how I propose to make a conference address hosted by European Union research into knowledge and critical conflicts, later this week. I'd also be most glad of any ideas where this presentation can be open sourced for debate from the embargo date on. Chris Macrae,, London,

Democracy’s number 1 demand from Knowledge Management

Know that any organisation where safety is the most vital enduring purpose is exposing people to huge risk unless it is transparent about exactly what quarterly auditing is does relating to conflicts between safety and performance.

As system experts would say: what you measure isn’t just what you get but what risks you compound over time and across interfaces of any networking system including outsourced links of any organisation.

Recent cases include:
NASA (space), Nuclear, European railways, European Ships, European Airlines.
The main case featured in these slides is NASA because for the first time a totally systemic report of a huge national disaster – challenger’s loss – has been debriefed and posted for prosperity on the net.

First, intangibles (eg and economic experts (eg provide the system evidence why every organisation's core human purpose is at risk wherever it is audited only by global accountants. Remember Andersen proved this professional class to be world’s least competent measurers wherever you wish to safeguard how transparency of relationships compounds. Mathematically, quarterly accounting of numbers can be shown to be perfect as the number 1 knowledge-sharing language of an organisation only if your intent is to govern in a way that compounds relationship conflicts that characterise safety dynamics and all sustainable value of human systems. We are currently researching the mathematics needed to safeguard world peace because a very similar remark can be mapped at the system of system level between governments and global corporates. As anyone who is an alumni of the 300000 Open Space convened since 1984 may know, the open source founder of this methodology has recently written a book on the hypothesis that many , if not most, large organisations are no longer able to do what they were designed to do. This is devastating piece of news that the mass media has largely kept under wraps from its publics, and we now have millions of people in human networks spreading the word by email as I speak.
Full Presentation available after embargo date EU Commission Brussels: 20 November 2003.
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