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January 01, 2006

How will you all Brand 2006 with us 

Here are some compound future purposes that interest me and Club of City's 100 blog cop-editors most in 2006. If any are a mix with yours why not mail me at, otherwise why not tell us yours

1 Know this future history timeline since 1984, these are the last 4 years that humanity will be able to chage the design of globalisation. What we have systemised by 2010 will be the media, space, nature etc we compound for the rest of the century or the rest of life whichever comes soonest

2 Trajecting this uniquely exciting moment of time, you should never be more busier in openly co-mentoring - ie exploring your own mentors through life and helping others do likewise

If you value intangibles, you will go out to bat on the side of goodwill in the wars with badwill networks. You do this at a professional level by insisting that:
all intangible interconnect before they separate different business cases; to the extent that the public gives professionals huge licenses of trust - be this with the air we breat, the constitutions that legislate or measure over us beings, or with the media and open spaces we communicate culture and greater purpose through - a preofession that does not live a transparent hippocratic oath must be zeoised by societies as fast as we can say Arthur Andersen. Mathematically always value multiply before you add up bottom lines. If AA's leaders had then they would have made different decisions in connecting billions of value with business stnakeholders and what they made zero social value. The future model billions*0=0 is different from billions+0=billions. If you want to be a pensioner, don't invest in corporations or funds that don't understand the difference between (value) multiplication and addition. Interconnect wholes in a networked world before you separate parts. Invest in people in service economies as more vital to sector's or community's futures than machines. Know the 5 types or preneurial revolution, and please don't image-play the opposite with the language the global medium of The Economist and the local interpersonal ones of Macrae.nets have been stewarding for 30 years.

If your approach is to keep your head down with professional sparring and get on with action projects of the humanity you most want to compound, wht not help us edit a section at Project30000

Club of City's 100 co-edited weblogs have many parties coming to town in 2006. For example if you go to the top left window of valuetrue's webs of transparency communities ot to the FutureofLondon you will see joining details which range from:
scripting parties celebrating the 30th year of Entrepreneurial Revolutions launched by The Economist in 1976

How to connect with the living and learning brand valuation systems that clebrate their 10th Brand Chartering anniversary in 2006

May your year practice hi-trust everywhere you evoke the greatest emotions in productive and demanding relationship systems spinning around Unique Organisiang Purpose. What true leadership of "best for people" organisations governs. Unless the majority of the world's 1000 largest organisations in 2010 are also concerned with their sectors compounding "best for people" future histories, then the human race will have all hell to pay. It may be that it will be your and my children that pay far more than you ever know, but I for one-nor any of my pyramids of co-mentors - will not let that happen just because professionals lost whole system maps of goodwill: hi-trust*tranbsparent boundaries*sustainability (aka economics of exponentials)

Opportunities to connect the latest action events can be seen updating in the top left window of web of transparency comunities or ask me at to be on our future events newsletter that comes out about monthly or when inspirational revolutions necessitate
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