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December 31, 2005

Intel should change its brand 

I am not sure what the big deal is here: Intel has said it will change its logo, as well as its , to encompass its traditional products but other ventures such as devices and healthcare.
   It’s not a radical change, but radical enough to warrant the change in visuals. After all: it has a direction that others might not expect; the environment has changed since the original marketing strategy was set; there is a change in that seems to be supported by top management; the existing is deemed incompatible with the desired one.
   We’re talking about the being on the outside: ‘Intel outside’, rather than .
   And overall, it’s a neat trick, and I wonder just how unexpected it all was.
   Intel began as a chip maker and never saw its brand. It was strictly .
   Then, it began to , with the ‘Intel inside’ logo. And now, this is the next step: Intel will have its own consumer products that extend its expertise as a chip maker on to devices.
   Technique: change and spend to reinforce the reasons for that change.
   When you have as much money as Intel, and you face a slow-down in revenues in the coming year, it’s worth trying to shift perceptions on a grand scale. I still prefer involving communities in changes, and managing their perceptions, but at the same time, this old-fashioned method has its place. It will be interesting to observe how well it is executed in this day and age of the , and how, in six and twelve months’ time, impressions have shifted.
   My bet? It will be so successful no one will mention the change in half a year’s time. There will be sufficient internal changes, too, to signal the new Intel, given the indications of top-level support.
   And that was my first post of the New Year: it is 11 hours, 17 minutes in to 2006 here.
USA should change its brand leader (update oct 06)
Everything seemed to be going wrong for Bush last week, even the metaphors. On the way to the Allen fund raiser, we stopped for a photo op at a picturesque farm stand outside Richmond. There was a pile of pumpkins sitting on a flatbed truck, and both Allen and Bush tried to hoist an aesthetically pleasing pumpkin by the stem. Both stems snapped. "If you break it, you pay for it, Mr. President," said Richard Keil of Bloomberg News, echoing Colin Powell's famous rule at the outset of the Iraq war. Bush didn't seem to get the joke. "I suppose you're right," he said, and tried to buy the broken pumpkin

Lots of work to do forrest of us who want a sustainable world. Updates on energy as albatross of peace between nations at and  
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