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December 20, 2005

To Colorado Springs, question of lost tolerance & lost transparency 

As predicted here in 1984, and explained at 1 2 3, the human race will not be sustainable in our hyper-connected networking world of Century 21 unless we can end badwill interference of rich communities on poor communities on the other side of the world.

1) Club of city needs to ask Club of Colorado whether the sort of hatred propogated by and its Citizen magazine here is representative of their place in the world. If not how can club of city help shine light on the mischief of this extreme minority; if yes we need a map of the world wirg red spots of places whose poor global neighbourliness is as intolerant as yours

2) Of course this is interpersonal. Read all about the mischeif at the link. Teach all about it at our schools. Know that the recent Ugandan peoples have drawn poverty's miserable card of ill fortune: dictatorship by Idi Amin, decimation by HIV... And just as they had become a lead country in Africa for stemming HIV by condom campaigns, intervenes claiming that America's aid to the country should made conditional on no condoms being subsidised. In recent years, two of the greatest siants I have met at humanitarian networks are devoting their lives to trying to help African communities regerate. Their stories of children communities without parents bring tears to my eyes. But it was only recently that a chance discussion with a fellow passenger and doctor on a plabe made me aware of the sort of deep inhumanity of meddling of

3) Note how they claim to have Bush's ear and values. Whether this is true I know not. But curiously its on a handul of microissues like these that Blairband should have tested Bush-values before going to bed with the man on global projects like Iraq. The failure to know a prospective global partner's local value has devalued the integrity of Britain's brand and its power of influence in other matters as discussed here

4) Note the double standards. If Bush & are going on a moral crusade against Uganda's people, why not do so with China? Recent population statistics in China show more boys being born than girls- this can only mean that at some stage after the sex of the foetal child is identifiable, girls are being killed off. But then when was the last time that USA leadership boldly goes on a moral crusade against a powerful economic player?

5) There are wider points here of how the national decision-making model cheats us out of the power of other identity. Where is womensworld in this debate. I believe that 99% of Britons would approve of the queen asking the BBC to do a Wolrd Service series of educational inquiries on interlocal intolerance issues like these -on and behalf of conversational freedoms of speech all women have a right to. Historically, national politicians have muzzled the Royal family from anything they call political. But as simpo (Simultaneous Policy) debates here 1 2: short-term nationally divisive political decisions are the world's worst dynamics on exponentials that value the future's global and local integration on the scale of sustainablilty (long-term!) of life. If Blair wants a legacy other than the lkowest trust PM Britain has been ruled over by in my lifetime, then encourage the queen and all women to BBC around big inter-city questions like the one I have tried to raise here. If we compound lost tolerance of rich on poor, we get global slavery and local holocausts. If we do this with 99.99% of the goodwill public being blind to what aid is being conditioned in our nations' names, then lost transparency will cost a networked world everything it values and ultimately every being. This is as certain as eggs are eggs, or mathematically as compound network connections = systems*systems

Happy Christmas everyone from the Children of Uganda 1 2
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