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December 25, 2005

to any club of city, what brand networks your citizens greatest value multiplication of the future? 

This seems to be the question citizens need social space to keep on debating openly at cafes and tea parties- a very different idea than being governed by a plan that one man comm,ands & controls or electioneering soundbiting. Not much of globally networked value has anything to do with being foirced to choose between left & right. Instead it harmonises such segmentations, liberating people as we boldly go about serving what we have multiplied through deepest learning experiences and around network's life's co-mentoring and maps.

Two of the crucial dynamics netizens need to liberate through collaboration knowledge city around the world are:
  • what worldwide sectors does our city have historically biggest investment in whose futures we still want to influence to be best for the world of humanity?

  • what deep voice contexts have been preneurially and passionately been multiplying innovative learning for half a lifetime or more?

  • In the case of London, we have the great good fortune to be where the most phosynthesis energy inventors connect. Their bubble like architectures provide the dream of abundant energy, that cleans as it is used- a sustainable network model's (capable of compounding expoentials that are forver above zer-sum) core multiplier is one group's wate being another's input. We have the great luck that enough sustainability investnment funders are available to take these bubble prototypes all over the UK in 2006, and all over the world's most extreme climate locations before 2010. And once the BBC's world service discovers how liberating this story can be for societies and economies, the change in hi-trust media will bring tears to Bleary eyes and Foxy Murdochs and stars who could be living lives as real heros beyond celbrity's sordid images.

    In the case of Washington DC, we have 21 years of developing the world's most extensive conflict resolution facilitators network. We have today's most popular future history journalist selling 1.3 million books around themes such as Green is the Next Red, White and Blue. We have the strongest Intrapreneur network, (1) ready to question all other preneur networks on how to collaborate and do Project30000 by 2010.

    So in the huge jigsaw connecting game of global brand architectures, we can now openly charter what the last 5 years of missed 21st C collaboration misled. Namely Value Multiplication energised trust-flow's service TIMES network boundaries transparency's TIMES 6 billion beings productive and demanding interest in sustainability exponentials.

    Will your ClubofCity or netizen web join in with a deep voice or a sector whose future vision your society has a lot invested in making best for the whole collaborating world of humanity. Happy Christmas or other godly carnival be with you this day on. Come join Britain's senior economist and at every city's tea party in 2006 and start the fifth entreprenurial revolution of economics for and by people, not just commanded every 90 days by the top separated from where all valuetrue social interactions critically revolve

    Chris Macrae, World Class Brand Networks
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