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December 29, 2005

Fashion without snobbery 

Summer Rayne OakesThe 500th post at Beyond Branding. And I hope it’s meaning­ful.
   My friend David Freak, of the Freak label in , is known for recycl­ing fashion and showing them in unconven­tional venues, includ­ing gay night­clubs. But he is not alone: the have just done a show called the & fashion show, which has some fashion, adorned on and trans­vestites.
   I know for a fact that has more tradi­tional fashion shows, just as New Zealand does, but it is interest­ing that this item made the Asso­ciated Press news­wires.
   Cuba is a nation of tinker­ers—not surprising when materials are not in as great a Gabriel Scarvelli in Luciresupply as they are in the west. However, this may have height­ened Cuban inventive­ness. And it might even show a way forward, because not enough of the west in fashion.
   I applaud the show for being inclu­sive. Not only did it have fashion, but local joined in.
   The west does shows like this, but includ­ing artists is usually done out of . I have a feeling the Cubans have little room, in a commun­ist nation, for snobbery. And my friend Mr Freak has little room for it, too.
   Another special designer is Gabriel Scar­velli (above), who also looks to a sustain­able prin­ciple in his . But he, too, is a rare example in the west—some­thing that tried to change (and has been changing) with its ‘Behind the Label’ series on chic developed by model and Summer Rayne Oakes (top left).
   It’s fashion with a statement, and for a change it’s positive, , and . We need more of it, please, whether it’s in Cuba or some­where else. And it’s a great way to celebrate 500 posts here at Beyond Branding.
PS.: I built on these themes a little more at Stefan Engeseth’s Detective Marketing blog here.  
im very interested to get your opinion of my topic and my blog as im working on a research paper to do with gay fashion branding, if you would check it out id be appreciative  
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