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July 07, 2005

I shall call him Mini-Me, if I can find him (somebody put a frickin’ bell on him) 

Telecom New Zealand has a campaign going that features a cat and a dog. Since the 1980s, Telecom has been using animals—firstly wildlife clips, then a character called Spot the Dog in the early 1990s who worked till his death, and now a talking cat and a dog. I’m still looking for the electrodes where they made them open their mouths at the right time. It’s not that imaginative, but it works for such basic mass-market products where you want the audience to go, ‘Awww.’ Nearly everyone loves cats and dogs. They're funny in movies. So that made me wonder: where were the midgets? And clowns?
   The more we think things are changing in branding, we get reminded that we have a long way to go.
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