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June 25, 2005

The least ethical prime minister I have ever been branded by? 

The reason why I nominate Tony Blair for this dubious honour turns on what he believes he's great at. He believes in communicating in the way that the most addictive advertising agent advises. He believed that the people's mass media the BBC is for him to use to power over- who needs truths when you dictate the voice, the stories.

The British people have learnt these things from the economics of truth over the Iraq war:
-Never again is the BBC the people's media to be under any more influence by government ministers than by ordinary people. In fact, one hour of politician conversation a week would be quite enough fear for most of us 50 million Britons. The news could always tell us where parilamentary or cabinet proceedings have been published on the net and what diversity of questions are being asked about their advice. If 21st C laws are not simple enough for most people to understand and feel right about, they have no place nor merit now most of us have seen how professions bereft of hippocratic oathes have been using them against the people too -, as cost-cutting and tax avoiding global accountants have been spreadsheeting these last 20 years. Remember how Andersen shredded true & fair; how KPMG has been pirating corporations' monies away from due national taxes to islands; ... all this happens because these Global Big 4 accounting folk have a monoply power applied to measuring badwill and destructive exponentials, whereas as the networking maths needed values intangibles of human relationships and sustainability investment truly, with see through maps interfacing all molecular value exchanges. Globalisation did not need to be measured in such a way as to destroy the livelihoods of as many of 6 billion beings as possible just because it suited a Global Big 4 century old way of adding up numbers. Bottom line arithmetic does not even recognise multiplication's compund impacts even though my 8 year old daughter realises that multiply is a different way to play at connecting, than add and its asumptions of separate

Now, besides locking up global accountants and image-men in the Tower until they vote for renewing true and fair hippocratic oaths, there is one more urgent way that Blair can recover my vote from least ethical British ruler in my lifetime to worthy of honour. Go meet Bill Clinton in New York in September at his Global Initiatve debate and take whatever action advice Mary Robinson gives the both of you. And bring it back and if you ever meddle with mass media again do so in the form of reality tv programmes, gravity pursuit quizzes, democracy cafe games and the like designed round the people networking to Make Poverty History and to redicover Gandhi-like community practyices informing every social work, instead of bureucrats, advertsing junkies, and accounting professions driven by money as more important than human trust.

By 2007, Blair can be Britain's special envoy to the world congress for Gandhi alumni in Delhi; in fact I will trat him to a room at the YMCA which is a stone's throw from India's parliament and national cultres conference centre where alumni from all over the world will try to relearn the Master's reality-making for those who believe in communion from the person up including BEING the values of faith, hope, and love. And who knows if Richard Branson will give us economy tickets to Delhi, I will buy Branson a room at the YMCA too.

Disruptive Mice -the only virtual commnuity dedicated to Imagine! what all people could be doing with above zero-sum economics - continues this conversational serial here. And Mice of every natural diversity are delighted to help co-script whichever challenges you want to talk up in any open space or transparent community.

Chris Macrae,
London & DC

desperately seeking co-bloggers for:
  • Future of BBC and all Public Broadcast Media Maps

  • University of Stars and all mentors of deep humanitarian issues

  • Journalists for Humanity
  • & Media for Reality-Making as opposed to image puffery
    If the PM takes your YMCA offer, it will show a great deal of sincerity and an effort to win back votes. Substance before spin.  
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