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August 31, 2004

Dangerous economic myths. Exciting Discoveries of Freedom 

I would love to open up a discussion on the most vicious economic myths of all time.

In the branding context, I believe the most tragic myth is that brands that are proprietorially owned by corporations or nationally governed (by people elected on short-term criteria) take the lead in assessing economic performance. What truly matters are the main sustainable agents of productivity and people's one chance per lifetime to make a difference through learning unique skills and caring deeply in the ways that human beings are better at processing than computers will ever be.

I have started two new blogs which seek to demonstrate that the following compound far more human value that corporations or nations:

Blog 1 -the authentic wisdom of love for other people that flows through families over generations

Blog 2 -the collaborative social networks where people open space and creatively converse which are as yet best served by cities in every way that these are self-organised around an architecture that puts human usability and happiness first

Once we wholly value these 2 productivity systems, my third new blog invites you

Blog 3- to MAP! whether corporations and nations wish to interconnect sustainably - in which case let's keep them, or NOT in which case let's devalue them as fast as we did to Andersen. That is the stick . The carrot with the 3rd new blog is that networking offers the most exciting time in the hisstory of our world to multiply everything human beings value.

As well as these new blogs, I am trying to help any city university to develop a high level year-round leadership mentor space such as this one my kindred learning spirit Peter Lewis has spent much of the last 3 years assembling.
Chris, I love the 3rd blog and it's assertivness. I'm still (in very little spare time) trying to get this Orkut community, Whose Shelves off the ground. Trying to see if there is momentum there. Whose Shelves is now compiling a list of responsible, worthy Consumer Packaged Good Brands that could compete in every category with P&G. Then in 2005 we'll be making a Supermarket Roadshow. It's a community of action FOR all of the small but growing brands that are leading the way responsibly to the people who will put them on the shelves. The Roadshow may just be a presentation video that is sent since I am here in amsterdam full time now.- Di-Ann  
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