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September 13, 2003

The 5 C's "Beyonds" of Singapore 

With gratitude to Beyond's resident global brand expert, for sighting Remaking Singapore's delicious National Commitment to Beyonds:

Singapore seeks to go Beyond 5 C's and has thinktanks dedicated to each of these evolving system changes:

1) Beyond Careers - New roads to success

Chairman: Mr Cedric Foo
(Minister of State for Defence)
Co-Chairman: Mr Hawazi Daipi
(Parliamentary Secretary for Education & Manpower)

We now have an escalator approach to success. Young Singaporeans strive to get on the right track in education, graduate, get on to one of the established career tracks by working for a large company, and expect to be set for life. What needs to be changed in order for us to be a more entrepreneurial society? How will education, attitudes and values need to be changed? The Economic Review Committee will be looking mainly at the economic and financial incentives. This committee will look at the soft side. How will we stimulate creativity, greater risk taking, higher tolerance of failure, and provide alternative role models of success?

2) Beyond Condo - Sense of ownership and belonging to Singapore

Chairman: Mr Raymond Lim
(Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & Trade and Industry)
Co-Chairman: Mr Sin Boon Ann
(MP for Tampines GRC)

As a nation made up largely of migrant people, one of our biggest challenges is to instill in Singaporeans a greater sense of ownership and belonging to this country. Are our successful public housing policy and other forms of wealth distribution sufficient for Singaporeans to remain rooted here even if the economy fails and the value of their property and investments plummet?

3) Beyond Club - Ethnic and religious cohesion

Chairman: Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
(Minister of State for National Development)
Co-Chairman: Ms Lim Hwee Hua
(MP for Marine Parade GRC)

4)Beyond Credit Card - Income distribution, social safety nets, sports and arts

Chairman: Dr Ng Eng Hen
(Acting Minister for Manpower)
Co-Chairman: Mr S Iswaran
(MP for West Coast GRC)

We have always thought of success in monetary terms. There will be greater inequalities of income distribution in the new economy. How will we ensure social cohesion across different socio-economic groups with different interests and priorities? How do we promote greater self reliance and competitiveness? Do we need more or less safety nets? What other things do we aspire to have? There are things that money might not be able to buy. Why and how should we promote sports and the arts? What lifestyles are Singaporeans likely to aspire to in the future? A review of censorship and the provision of greater personal space and choice would be discussed here too.

5) Beyond Cars - Balancing physical development needs in our small island

Chairman: Dr Balaji Sadasivan
(Minister of State for Health & Transport)
Co-Chairman: Mr Ong Kian Min
(MP for Tampines GRC)

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