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January 12, 2006

In the 30 years that we have been hosting dialogues of Entrepreneurial Revolution and the 22 years we've been scripting death of distance networking consequences of globalizations for communities and societies, this jigsaw picture of 5 system revolutions in one comes together

Interdisciplinary consequences for future leadership are discussed at Club of Village, what are the first conclusions for the future of the ethical brand profession

The communications and valuation professions are the 2 that people need to unite first before there is any chance of restoring hippocratic oaths of other management or government professions. This is why the separation algorithms of brand valuation and equity were a tragic mistake. On global sector exponentials re-examination of such wrong maths all compound futures of humanity depend. We have the maths of transparency mapping - of systematically designing industry sectors to have upcurving exponentials in which all workers who make a difference are truly trusted and empowered. The Beyond-Branding community itself made a partial mistake when editing the special issue of the Journal of Brand Management on Total Branding Corporate Responsibility. The global (networking) problem is sector level cooperation over its deepest risks to humanity not any one single corporate. No wonder every corporate leader can deny the practicality of responsibility. It will not do that all the corporations who know most about water are buying it up or polluting it faster wherever societies have not caught up with the future scarcity of clean water the way globalisation is currently compounding. Coca-Cola as number 1 brand of 20th Century is leaking goodwill to death. Spending billions of dollars a year on ads to plaster images over these leaks is not what the world's most friendly brand should be singing. It should be convening the mother of all transparency debates on clean water demanding that all corporations who currently profit most from non-sustainability of water join in or forever get left out- branded as water careless globalizers. At a stroke all the universities that have been delisting Killer Coke, would find youth cheerleading Coca-Cola again.

We don't yet have the hi-trust future professions able to simply flow across each other's jurisdictions of knowledge. 22 years into storytelling how economics has to go beyond representing only big power to including all peoples and global villages, little progress has been made. The media we systemise is also a communications problem. Will public broadcast sectors break free of left/right politics and get back to world service in time as per this 1984 scenario? The last 5 year countdown of this intervention being practical has begun. For example if London's Olympics does not give most publicity to superstars worth heroising like Carolina Kruft, we can be certain mass media will continue dumbing us all down until the world suffocates.

We need a new open source industry which shows how easy it is to network the world with something everyone needs and enjoys participating in the carnivalisation of. I'd love to hear of other ideas, but our best shot seems to be photosynthetic energy, and about 100 million pounds (1 2 3 4 5) worth of experimental prototypes are being planted out of Britain in the next 12 months. Since the 25 year old inventor network behind this is dedicated to commons licensing for all peoples, why would anyone who wants humanity to have a future not want to get involved in word of webbing this. When Ken Livingstone talks of the London Olympics as being carbon neutral, why not make it decarbonisation positive.We can all enjoy the dream and the glory of “you are my sunshine”. This revolves around the humanly clean and gravitational power of photosynthesis, and so to a future of celebrating bigger footprinting innovation in every locality simultaneously. A truly inspiring world service that should be on the news everyday of the rest of my life. It may not suit national governments who last control over people is fear, but then when is the last time that national-divided governments lack of cooperation do anything but exponentially increase the costs for all their peoples.

10 years after initiating the genres of living and learning the Brand with Brand Chartering, we are extending the Q&A communications grid of chartering brand architecture to include a fourth row that value global sector transparency's futures the way 6 billion people must demand open debates to be spaced. The journal paper on this is almost complete. email me at if you want a draft copy telling me of at least one worldwide industry sector whose future exponentials concern you
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