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December 27, 2005

American media bias is real 

On the decline of and how their unwilling­ness to diminish­es their : I know the lean heavily in favour of the , and sensed that the media were the same. I had read reports that support­ed that, from both sides of the . It’s nice to see that confirmed in a liberal state’s univer­sity, which to me gives more credence to the claim.
   A UCLA has revealed a study of Ameri­can (see here), revealing some truths:
• the Drudge Report actual­ly leans slightly to the left;
• Gannett’s USA Today is the most cen­trist outlet;
• the most centrist outlets are: NewsHour With , ABC’s Good Morning America, ’s Newsnight with , ’s Special Report with and the Drudge Report;
• of 20 major media outlets studied, 18 were left of centre, with the most liberal being The , Evening News, The and the Los Angeles Times.
   I have always argued that ’s Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume, based on my few view­ings, was not biased to the right, but because so much news is left-leaning, that becomes “normal” to the . This is es­pecial­ly so in , where, for instance, ’s recent positions on Prop­o­si­tions 73 through 77 were never covered, nor were his reasons for denying clemen­cy for . When actual­ly arrives, it looks —when it is, in fact, merely right-leaning compared to the very liberal that we are usually fed.
PS.: For the record, I am opposed to the death penalty.  
I still believe in the existence of the liberal bias, but Johnnie Moore has revealed that the methodology may be flawed, and the author of the research could himself be accused of bias. See his comment on my blog here.  
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