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October 23, 2005

Brand New Global Cities - 6 billion players wanted 

Click HERE to play the world's most valuable fantasy game turned into reality by netizens 1 2

One question rules: nominate a 2010 city mission you'd love to see and where in the world to plant it first

What if Washington Dc's mission 2010 is to be the most loving and accomplished place to exchange understanding that sustains deep democracy for & by the people up ways of sustainability and compound good for and with the rest of the world... Help ClubofDc debate this whatif and open networks around the world on what we learn or initiatives to openly action

What if Melbourne trained the world's youth to be peacemakers...Actually Melbourne is already the world center of this if you start exploring this map's clue-trails:Awaymap collapsingworld net started in Australia*London*Delhi*Sarajevo*Palestine by paul and his 200 leaders of NGOs, peace, medicine, multicultural celebration by youth -see eg * * * more on this at ClubofMelbourne & see some of the raw networks-for-peace mobilised out of Melbourne here. All we really need to start making this happen is for countries who would send theior youth to army training camps to start sending the right stuff to experience melbourne's people-to-people missions around the world

What if Philadelphia Open Doors to Clean Energies Freedom & Happiness the world over
Open Systems for Liberty’s 21st C Energies
Rediscover the home of liberty bell, living so that all beings have the right to freedom and happiness2 clues of 21st C Phili:home of Ackoff last in Deming’s family line of how longer term quality needs to drive open transparent systems whereas governing by historic numbers only drives closed conflict-riding systemsGovernor is exploring biodiesel – our state could produce all the gasoline needs the USA needs for 4 years so don’t scared by Peak Oil but do innovate something cleaner –eg solaroof, omniworldview or utellus - asap

What if London became the epicentre for world service public broadcasting & learning games...In many ways this out of London project is what the British people have invested 50 billion pounds in over my lifetime. It's the last great jewel in our crown for multiplying commonwealth around the world. Note how true learning games can multiply value in use instead of being consumed up as waste.As most of 4500 survey responses here show, what we in Britain feel we need most help in doing now is : prevent individual presidents (national or of commercial media baronage) from taking it over or polluting its ability to ask any questions other than the increasing meaningless obession on left-think versus right-think. None of the 10 issues that matter to the entrepreneurial and multicultural peoples I love most have anything to do with left or right. And my issues of concern connect iteratively to compound future judgement not short-term electioneering spin nor the opposite government process of casting too much complex regulations in legal concrete.If you think this vision for London is worth connecting to some resources include:join the movement of People for Public Broadcastingjoin the debate on every way to sustain public media macro and micro hereAsk the biggest questions your city wants open replies from the world on at Club of City until journalists for humanity or University of Stars adopt the most urgent ones for humanityRead the blog on how hundreds of marketers are sick of global brands that spend billions a year advertising images and nothing much at all on reality making; help us to ask other professions to confess what their biggest beyond needs to beLearn how to open space or collaboration cafe, as a way of multiplying social networks and then blog or multiply with other ways - keep chatting on what will google doImagine if the BBC * Google multiplied some projects and then DD as the other largest medium with reach and consciousness for diverse publics. Get Richard Branson to start designing some more reality tv games and teaming up with Clinton until we get 30000 open source or community-up initiatives that the people can action locaclly worldwideadd more on futureofbbc

What if New York's mission is : new leadership initiatives: to smother natins with love and kindness (instead of arms races to hate and fear)The Washington Post reported Clinton's Global Initiative as smothering the United Nations with kindness. Whether or not all the leadership initiatives announced on Clinton's stage play through, what if all leadership summits only took place (or were only covered in the news) when they had a kindness intitiative to declare and unite. What if netizens kept searching through initiatives announced tracking their realisation for humanity. What if became the epicentre for Q&A on what initiatives were in play where, and how could they involve more and more people both at the grassroots and virtually cheerleading? What if New York should us all how to open space so our hearts had time to rule human purpose, beyond everyday's Maddening Avenue's race to out-image one another. Mary Robinson, for longer than Clinton, has used the 2md way of smothering nations with kindness. She goes to visit pooerest nations with love, and leaders turn up and unfreeze small differences as a first step in dioscovering community-up models of development. All the aid in the world if posted without the presence of love thy neigbourt spirit only gets wasted on stuff that the whole community did not need to collaborate in sustainbility. Mary is also one of the most loyal supporters of Melbourne's suggested mission for redisovering how professional actions in the face of disaster are the best education we can give next (or net) generations

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