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April 06, 2005

UK Election Brand Series & 5-Year Reviews Post 1 

Seen in Branding terms, forget the superbowl spots, the most expensive communications exercises in history happen during each so-called democratic country's election period. The 5 year review time is up in the UK and oddly it corresponds to a series of other 5 year reviews the people are making. A few of which are:

the millennial promise (Blair's first great whopper but then it was fanned by 15 EU countries all promising Europen a new world in the Lisbon Vision 2010 which Prodi was honest enough to admit has actually gone backward's as a people's reality when he retired from Brussels last year) of a newly improved e-world and the reality of what ordinary people have to contend with in 2005

whether any Briton could possibly want to pay for another 10 years of the BBC (British Braodcasting Corporation) unless it gets its investigative world service rapiers ready to cut off the heads of offending big people- what for example has the global pharma industry been doing as chief addict officers - read this UK government report out yesterday for one of the most damning indictements not just of individual brands but the whole industry - are its pecuniary golas so over-riding that its about health care or death uncare? there's a simple way to resolve this if you are globally concerened , come link transparent information on world health care at this blog and then get your public broadcasters trained to read this before they report any news soundbites on the industry's quarterly acts. This model incidentally can work for making any worldwide market transparent - tell us if you want to be the people's open guardian for a sector that matetrs most to the future of uyou and yours and we'll help you open source the gameboard

what about the future of education; here in this internet we have the heaven sent opportunity to muliply learning (something whose value goes up in use unlike physically comsumed stuff); but which country's schools are using the internet to make exploratory learning better - why is this search a story of heroic exceptions rather than common goog experiments. Again the BBC's utter ineptitude in covering this story suggest both it and UK government are utterly worthless constructs until they start spinning each other the people's way round for love and joy and growth rather than hate and fear and depression

Sick governments; sick media; sick loss of transparent valuation measurement- systemise this much longer and Orwell's vision of Big Brother will be like paradidse on earth compared with what are communications follies are compounding

There is one bit of good news around London. And it comes from the very opposite of controlling pwoers- the people's hearts in a post-Tsunami world. Have you ever heard of 5000 grassroots organsiations getting togtehr to save the world from poverty in a process that has made more progress in 12 months that all the governments of Europe oover the last 5 years. If not as a communications expert get involved at 1 and 2

Part 2 coming soon
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