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February 20, 2004

People needed who want to stand up for the future 

Iterative ways to network might be reply to this list, or me at , or rehearse ideas at this discussion board
-sorry these emerging ideas may still be in untidy state, but can you help -having browsed the time seems to be ripening!

Can we openly catalogue some of the ways of we could all take communal care of what future is compounding until corporations are governed to see what's the next consequence of compounding conflicts, AND NOT just audit performance as what they took in the last 90 days?

0 If the movement against The Corporation (film, book) takes off, in how many countries do we have a personal POBox to answer how can Friends of Beyond help reformers of The Corporation?
1 STORIES on why communal or learning goods take time to build
2 Focus on viralising meaning of one statistic
3 Timeline whats' getting worse in your career's deepest experiences
4 Open catalogue Testimonies on Human & Social valuation Cases,

1 What stories can humans tell of how nurturing whatever is most important to you took time before it compounded its own productive identity - whether this is a child you reared or a community you helped to cultivate

2 Viralise one trend statistic: and educate anyone you can reach about its consequences. last night America's PBS aired a program all about one stunning statistic; through most of the second half of the 20th century, corporations contributed 17% to the total resources (federal taxes) of American society. Over the last decade this has dropped to 7% with companies spending more time on tax avoidance than innovation. What's the personal (human and social) consequences of individuals now having to pay more of the country's total bills? Is it surprising that arts or education suffers? Is it any wonder that everyone becomes more me-first and communal last?

3 Try to picture rough timelines to debate from your career's deep perspectives of what's happened and what's compounding. The future is always happening somewhere as an outcome of relationship patterns that have been patterned. ( So we also need to discuss how to make communal interventions if less human patterns are emerging) -mine's attached/linked; would be delighted to make a gallery if you can jot yours Posters @ EU, World Bank & youth Gallery If your career is more than 20 years to date, ask yourself compared with 20 years ago is my profession doing things that I would want my kids to value most more or less humanly. Dont be afraid to answer this question to yourself candidly. (Clue- research shows that an increasing numbers of people say the times I behave worst are being conditioned by where I work; I dont behave like that outside the organisation)

4 Open catalogue Testimonies on Human & Social valuation Cases,
as the opposite of the business case monopoly as usual - if you have one at any time post it to me at and I'll share the catalogue to date.
Example in our catalogue
I spent most of the early 1980s as consultant for one multinational company; and the rest of the time for other companies that were going global. The company I spent most time working for was kind of wonderful. Its founder had decreed that every new country we go we discriminate positively towards training local people. So for example when American companies' shareholders told them to pull out of an apartheid-ridden South Africa, this company stayed there using every way it knew (within its walls and within its impact on the economy) to represent the under privileged, particularly women who are the main buyers of goods for the family. Then in the late 80s the numbers men started separating every part of the goodwill into bits- disconnecting the connected flows of what people identified with across disciplines, and countries business units. And they started separating the last 90 days performance from the whole leadership vision and values. Within 5 years the company had lost its culture of positive discrimination to local people; in fact they were serials of cost-cutting programs targeted at these people because the way the spread-sheeted quarterly numbers valued them made them appear to look like excessive costs. So the unique goodwill of the whole company's brand which had taken 50 years in constituent founding and cultivating was gone forever, and the company is a depressing image of the humanity that once gravitated so many extraordinarily talented people to prefer working with or for it, as well as investing in it.
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